It Was Meant To Be

Molly dreams of two things: getting into her first-choice university and finding true love. Music-loving slacker Zayn also dreams of two things:winning the battle of the bands- and winning Molly.He is determined to make her fall in love with him.


38. Probability


12th February, 8:10 am

Molly's POV

Elizabeth's eyes are majorly bloodshot. Her dad told her that he's moving out. He did it while they were having breakfast.

"I can't deal with gym," she whispers. "Let's go to the bathroom."

We sneak in and stand at the sinks.

"This is so freaking horrendous," Elizabeth says in a raspy voice. "I'm sure they're getting divorced."

She lets the cold water run and splashes her face a few times. I'm mad at myself for being petty enough to actually feel jealous. I could never just splash some cold water on my face in a time of stress. Then all my concealer would wash off and I'd have to put it back on and I don't have my moisturiser here so my skin would get dry and it's this whole complicated thing with me.

"I think he's staying in a hotel. How pathetic is that?"

"He deserves it," I say. "He should suffer for a while and think about what he did."

"Yeah, whatever. He's not going to change. My mu told me that she tried doing all these different things to make him happy and nothing worked. That's why they were always fighting." She turns the water off. "Guys don't change. They just get worse with age." Elizabeth stares at herself in the smeary mirror. "This is not happening."

I'm trying to think of something profound to say that will make her feel better. Something that will take away all of her pain but of course there's nothing.

Elizabeth takes a shuddery breath. "Anyway."

"I'm really, El."

"I know."

I'm in a sad mood the whole morning, feeling bad for Elizabeth, so when Shania and I are walking to lunch and Cynthia comes up to me, I'm not ready to deal with her. Even though I know she went out with Zayn last year, I still can't believe he would like someone like her.

Cynthia walks right up to me. She stands there, blocking me.

"Molly?" She asks. As if she's not sure that's my name.


"Can you say hi to Zayn for me?"

Shania's looking at her like she just escaped from the psych ward.

"Uh...yeah," I say.

"Thanks. See ya!" Then Cynthia struts off down the hall.

"What was that?" Shania says.

I don't say anything because what it looked like was someone a little too interested in my boyfriend and I don't want to say that out loud.

At lunch, it's me, Zayn, Shania, Elizabeth, Mike and Josh all at one table now. Shania and I put our stuff sown. No one else is here yet.

"Are you going to tell Zayn?" Shania asks.

"No," I say. "She's just trying to create drama. I'm sure she'll be watching to see if I get mad at him."

"Fascinating. I hope the quality of social interactions improves between now and college."

Zayn comes in and puts his notebook down.

"Hey, beautiful," he says.

"Hey." I look into his eyes, searching for changes but it's the same intense gaze I always see.

In line, Zayn's line, "Whoa. Deja vu."


"Don't tell me you forgot about the dime!"

At first I don't know what he's talking about but then I remember when Zayn and I bumped  heads picking up that dime I dropped. Back before I got a clue.

"Never," I promise.

Back at our table, everyone's complaining about Mr Carver.

"He's obviously been smoking the weed," Josh says.

"Seriously," Mike slurps his drink. "The man is mentally disturbed."

"He needs to re-evaluate his career choice." Josh looks at Elizabeth.

"Drill sergeant would be a good one," Elizabeth offers.

I sip my iced tea and look around at my lunch surroundings. Everything seems completely different on this side of the world. I can finally relax instead of being concerned about what Andrew's friends think of me. Sitting with Zayn and our friends all together feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Zayn takes my napkin and writes something on it. He slides it back to me.
It says:

I think you're cute.

I immediately turn pink.

He writes something else. He slides it back to me.
It says:

You're even cuter when you blush.

Mike's ranting about how long it took to do his college essays.

"I swear, this one was like, 'Write page two hundred eighty-seven of your autobiography.' Who comes up with this stuff?"

"Oh my god," Elizabeth says.


"Where was that one from?"

"The New School."

"I had the same one from Florida State!"

"Dude," Mike says. "That's scary."

"You guys don't even know what a long essay is." Shania starts.

They actually have onion rings today. Zayn and I reach for our mustard packets at the same time. We give each other a weird look as we open them.

I stare at Zayn as he squeezes mustard on to his plate. "What's the mustard for?" I say.

"This." Zayn dips an onion ring in the mustard.

I'm like, "No way."

"So way."

"You do not like them that way."

"I do, but there's no way you can."

"Why not?"

"Because the probability of two people sitting at the same table who both like their onion rings with mustard is too small. The stratosphere would ignite, and life as we know it would cease to exist."

"That's hot."

"That's boiling."

"Let me get this straight." Shania says. Everyone's obvious to the monumental event that just occurred between us. "you want to be an actor?"

"Definitely." Josh smiles all big.

"That's your career goal."


"Do you have a plan B in mind?"

"Shania, you like John Mayer, right?"

She hesitates. "Right."

"Well, I forget what song it's from, but you know when he says how everyone always told him to stay inside the lines? And how there's so much more on the other side?"

Shania smiles. "Point taken."

Josh is gassed. "Does anyone want more cake?" He asks us all.

"No, thanks," Elizabeth says.

"Oh, well...Can I get you something else?"

Elizabeth looks towards the door, as if she's planning her escape. " thanks."

"Are you sure?" Josh is all wide, hopeful eyed.

"I'm all set," Elizabeth says. I get the feeling that Elizabeth is starting to like Josh. SHe finally dumped Rick because he's a manwhore. He went back to his game-playing and didn't call her for like a whole week. Meanwhile, Josh is always paying attention to Elizabeth, and they've even talked about her parents. Josh isn't her type, though, so she's in denial but mow I know that eventually those feelings take over, and it won't matter if he's her type or not.

I catch Elizabeth's eye to see if she's feeling better from this morning. She winks at me.
Now my napkin wants to know:

So, what about that road trip this weekend?

Here's our version of a road trip. Zayn drives us down the highway, and we get off at a random exit and eat rest-stop junk food and experience city life. It's awesome.

At first I remember this inhumane problem set I have to do calc and the scads of other homework I'll have over the weekend but then I remember how frustrated I feel when I miss out on the living part of life. I don't want my life to go places without me. Plus, this weekend is Valentine's Day.

So I write on his napkin and slide it back to him.

How soon can we leave?


A/N- I'm so sorry that I haven't updated. I feel as if I shouldn't be writing anymore because there are much better writers out there. Also I haven't been well, I am never ill but this month I have been eating a lot less and everything I do eat I will feel sick after it. Anyways that's not the main point, the point is I need to know whether you guys want me to keep writing and if I do I need you guys to remember I have exams coming up so the updates won't be as frequent as I would like. I know its annoying when someone doesn't update because I hate it as well but now I understand how hard it can be so please leave your feedback, good and bad because I need to know. I love you guys loads. :)

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