It Was Meant To Be

Molly dreams of two things: getting into her first-choice university and finding true love. Music-loving slacker Zayn also dreams of two things:winning the battle of the bands- and winning Molly.He is determined to make her fall in love with him.


9. Not That I'm Desperate

Not That I'm Desperate

4th September, 7.23 p.m.

Zayn's POV

''I don't fucking believe this.''

The Cure's Disintegration plays on repeat mode.

Mike examines the chess board.

''I just don't fucking believe this happened,'' I say. ''How did this happen again? What exactly did I do wrong?''

''Well, since you asked,'' Mike says, ''it's like this: one, you were too much of a wimp to say anything to her. Two, you went back to school with no plan. Andrew had a plan. He got Molly. You got nada.'' Mike leans back, balancing on the back legs of the chair. ''Zilch. Zero. You didn't have the balls to go up to her. Dude. I warned you this would happen.''

''Thanks. I feel so much better now.'' I move a pawn up two spaces.

''I don't even get it. You had no problem with Cynthia, and any guy would kill to nail her. What's so hard about talking to Molly?''

''She's different. It's complicated.''

''OK,'' Mike says. ''You fucked up. But there's hope.''

''There is?''

"Totally, man. Look, I'll tell you what to do, but if I tell you, you have to swear that you're gonna do it."

Mike's practically the only person I trust for advice on getting the girl. His whole philosophy of dating has been about quantity, not quality. So he's had a wide variety of experiences. You can most definitely trust a person with experiences.

"And just what am I supposed to do?" I say.

''Promise you'll do it first.''

''Whatever. She's already going out with Andrew.''

''Man, what's with you? Why are you being such a pussy?''

''What if she doesn't like me?''

''You don't get it. He just asked her out, what, Tuesday? It's not like he's suddenly her boyfriend in two days. You have just as much chance as he does.''

''Right. Only he's the one who's with her.'' I move my rook. ''Fucking asshole.''

''You have to play it like you're the most incredible guy out there.'' He moves his rook. ''It's all about strategy.''

Mike is so kicking my ass right now. He's like this chess mastermind. We're both smart types in general, but no one else really knows this. He tries to reject academic restraints like me. At least, until his mum threatens that we can't practise at his place anymore. Then  he's forced to do homework.

It's this big mystery to everyone why I choose to be such a massive slacker. The guidance counsellor is always like, ''Your grades are not reflective of the work you could do,'' and ''Don't you want to make something of yourself?'' As if we're  actually going to encounter any of this in real life. Maybe if classes weren't so useless I might work up an interest. They don't get that the reason so many of us aren't into school is simply because it's boring. Why can't they make it relevant to our lives? Anyway, I make decent grades by acing all the tests and quizzes. They're always cake. Not doing homework kind of  thing out, and I end up with a B-minus or C average every year. Which is fine with me.

So now I'm trying to convince the ultimate class brain that I'm smart. Or at least smart enough for her to want to be with me.

I sigh in defeat. ''Dave's got her. I should just accept it and move on.'' But the thought of moving on from something I never had in the first place is depressing.'' I can't move on.''

''Shit, man. Force her to notice you.''


''You can strategize it so you just happen to run into her.''


''Like... you can see when she goes to her locker to switch books. Then you just figure out which way she walks after. And you can try to find out her timetable.''

''So that's what I'm supposed to do? Pretend to run into her?''

''Just... talk to her! The same way you talked to all the others, man!"

But that's the thing. All the other girls I've been with involved with approached me first. I didn't really have to convince them to like me.

''See what she does,'' Mike explains. ''If she likes you, talk some more the next day. But if she's totally repulsed, then you know she doesn't like you.''

''This is your major plan?''

''No, dude. This is my typical chick-catching method. For single girls. In your case, we need something more extreme.''

''Like what?''

But Mike is hesitating. ''I bet if I tell you, you won't even do it.''

''I'll try anything at this point.'' I don't have to look at the chess board to know I'm losing this game. ''Not that I'm desperate.''

''No, of course not. You?'' Mike snorts.

''Yeah,OK. Let's go already.''

''If you don't do it, you have to wash my car.''

''I don't even know what it is yet!''

''Too bad. That's the deal,''

I'm so obviously desperate. ''OK, fine. Just tell me what to do.''

''And Wax.''

''Fuck you!''

''And wax.''

I pick up my king. ''Fine,'' I tell him. ''But it can't be, like, some crazy shit you know I would never do anyway.''

Mike pretends to look hurt. ''Am I not your best friend?''

''Let me try to remember.''

''Look, people pay for this kind of advice. Self-help books  are written about this stuff, and I'm telling you for free.''

''That's why I let you hang out with me,'' I say.

''So. Is it a deal?''

''Wait. What do I get if I do it?''

''Same thing.''


''Ok,'' Mike begins. ''Here's what you do.''



A/N hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in a while it's summer and my head hasn't been in the right place, sorry. :)

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