It Was Meant To Be

Molly dreams of two things: getting into her first-choice university and finding true love. Music-loving slacker Zayn also dreams of two things:winning the battle of the bands- and winning Molly.He is determined to make her fall in love with him.


25. Mr Applied Guy

Mr Applied Guy

28th October, 12.39 p.m.

Zayn's POV

"My dad's gonna kill me," Josh says. "I'm majorly failing Spanish."

"That's nothing compared to how my mum's grounding me," Mike says. "I have like a D in history."

"That's outrageous," I say.

"Just because you don't care about college..." Mike rips open his pack of butter-crunch cookies.

It's the only decent thing available for lunch today.

Mike would be right if he were talking about the old me. Mr Slacker Guy but the new me is making some changes so she'll realize that I'm smart enough for her.[ I am now Mr Applied Guy.

The other day in class, it felt like I could get Molly. Like it was actually possible to win her over. I could feel it. This one time when she looked at me, it was like...I wanted to throw her down on the floor and do it right there and I know I wouldn't have the usual panic I always had after sex with Cynthia. Where I felt this urgency to leave as soon as possible without making her mad. With Molly, I would actually want to hang out after.

"For your information," I say, "I talked to Mr Hornby about it yesterday."
"About what?"
"About college."
"Why?" Josh says.

"Well...I'm thinking about applying now."

Mike is looking at me like I just announced that, in reality, I hate guitar and would  rather spend all my time playing GTA VI! I understand his shock. I feel like I'm a different person. Completely driven by testosterone and desire to impress this phenomenal girl.

For as long as Mike's known me, I've always said that college is wrong for me. That living life passionately is the only way to learn anything worth knowing but then Molly gave me that look when I said I didn't know what my plans were. It was just for a second, but I caught it. It was what disapproval would look like if it could look at you. Which normally wouldn't bother me but coming from her...

Mike picks his chin up off the table. "You're serious."

"Yeah. Mr Hornby says Bradford's Music College is awesome. It's where he went, and he said he'd write me a recommendation. He thinks I can get in if I just get my grades up this semester."

Josh looks at Mike."I think he's serious."

I lean back and cross my arms over my chest. "Mr Hornby thinks I'm good enough to go for it. He says I'd definitely have a shot with my audition and demo tape."

"No doubt," Josh says.

"I want to check out the app requirements after school, so can we practise like half an hour later?"

Mike and Josh stare.

"OK," Mike says. "What happened?"

"How did this happen all of a sudden?"

"Can't a guy change his mind?"

"Uh, a guy can. But you? About college? Not so much."

"You know all your plans for getting Molly?" I say.

"All brilliant and rock solid," Mike says.

"All fucked up and creepy?" Josh clarifies.

"They're fundamentally flawed, I can't--"

"Flawed' being the key word," Josh points out. Mike ignores Josh. "How?"

"I can't force her to like me or pretend to be some other way. If I keep throwing myself at her, it's like I'm giving off a vibe of desperation. Girls are always repelled by that."

"Have you been watching Oprah again?" Josh says.

"Screw you! I'm serious. Running after something like that doesn't work."

"My plans were excellent," Mike insists. "But here's the thing: do you really think Molly would go out with you if she wasn't with Andrew?"
"Why wouldn't she?"

"I don't know. She never noticed you before. Face it-you're not exactly her type."

Of course I've thought about this. It would be going against every high-school social code of ethics for Molly to go out with me. National Honour Society brains don't develop sudden interests in fringe slackers and I know she cares about what other people think but we have a connection. There's no denying it.

"Anyway, she's still getting to know you," Mike says. "Chicks are like that. They base how much they like you on an emotional level. They  have to be into your personality first, and then they decide they want you but if a guy thinks a girl is hot, he'll learn to like her personality later. It's two different worlds, man."

"Jesus!" Josh groans. "You've both been watching Oprah!"

I'm still thinking about what Mike said after school when I'm in the guidance office. I wonder if it really is that different for guys and girls. I mean, yeah, guys are after sex more but don't we basically all want the same thing? To find someone who makes us feel satisfied?

I find the course catalogue for Bradford Music college. I take it over to the table and sit down. The best part about this college, other than it being a kick-ass music school, is that Molly's first choice is Oxford. They're like down the street from each other. (Right I know they aren't but come on its a story.)

I flip to the admission requirements page. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Shit. I have a 2.9.

"Hi, Zayn."

I look up. Ms Everman is looking down at me.


"Is that a course catalogue?"

"Yeah, well...Mr Hornby was just telling me about Bradford Music College..."

"What instrument do you play?"


"Acoustic or electric?"

"Both, actually."

Ms Everman nods. "When's the application deadline?"

I scan the page. "December fifteenth."

"So you've finally seen the light."

"Something like that."

"Too bad you didn't see it earlier but we might be able to do something and doesn't BMC have auditions in February?"


She sits down next to me. "What's your GPA?"

"I think it's like two-point-nine."

"You'll need to pull straight AS this semester, which may be possible if you get your act together. The question...are you ready to do this?"


"Yeah kinda? Or yeah you really want to?"

"I'm ready."

Ms Everman smiles. "Great. How about starting right now?"

When I pull into Mike's driveway, my brain is swimming with the application I have to fill out and the recommendation letters I have to get and the demo tape I have to put together and the essays I have to write and the audition I have to get ready for and *breathes* all seems like way to much. I'm finally getting why everyone is freaking out to the point of having nervous breakdowns. Plus, Ms Everman helped me find some backup schools I have to apply to. I have no idea how I'm going to get all of this done,get my grades up and be ready for Battle of the Bands by next month.

I walk into the garage in a daze.

"Whudup," Josh says. "How'd it go?"

"Does the word 'frazzled' mean anything to you?" I put down my guitar case.

"I feel you, man." Mike shakes his head. "My mum is on my case something severe."

"She serious needs to chill," Josh says. "The damage is done. It's not like colleges are looking at our grades any more. They just care about what we did up until this year."

"Not really," I say. "Supposedly they really do look at our grades this semester. That's why I actually have a chance of getting into this place."

"But your grades suck." Josh smacks a drum.

"They're called average."

"What are you saying?" Mike asks.

"I have to get my grades up. Like, starting now. Then I'll have a chance."

"But what about last marking period? Didn't you bomb?"

"It was heinous. But Ms Everman said she's going to talk to my teachers to see if I can make up the work I missed. I had to promise to do it all, though and then they might change my grades."

"No way!" Josh yells. "Why do you get to do that?"

"Apparently if you pull a one-eighty, they make exceptions for you."

"Let me get this straight," Mike says. "You're going to make up all the work you missed? And do all the work from now on? And do all the application stuff? And practise?"


"Congratulations." Mike comes over and shakes my hand. "Welcome to the real world."


A/N- Sorry guys for the late update, it has been a tough week. Anyways this book is halfway through and I'm not sure about a sequel because  I don't know if you guys like this or not. Opinions? 

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