The Hell Between Us

*Entered in the Historical Fiction Contest*
My name is Annabelle and I'm 22 just waiting/hoping for my husband to come back home in peace. We live in Germany and World War II is going on. It's like hell right now. I just had a baby named, Sarah and I sure hope the Nazi's don't take her. My husband ended being a Nazi. Even though he's a Nazi though. Doesn't mean our family is safe. His name Justin. And if he died, my world would end, literally. I hope everything turns out okay.


2. Pattie

       There was a sudden knock on the door that startles me. I put Sarah in her crib and rushed over to the door. I open it to find Justin standing there, staring at me. "Wha.." I start to say but he cuts me off. "Adolf is apparently starting to send Jews away. And I'm no longer needed for duty." "What do you mean he's sending Jews away?" I say half yelling half trying to stay calm. I could only think of our best friends, Scooter and Pattie. They were Jewish and I couldn't let the Nazis take them away. I decide to go to their house and offer for them to stay with us. I knock on their door and Pattie answers the door in a short amount of time. "Oh! Hello Annabelle! What brings you here?" "Well I was wondering if you wanted to stay with Justin and I. Just to be safe." I say. "Belle I know about how they're taking away the Jews. You don't have to hide it. But, it would probably be best if we did stay with you. Do you mind?" "No! Of course not! That's why I offered. Well you should pack up your things and I'll wait out here." "Yeah. Okay. But please come in for a cup of tea!" She exclaims. "Alright." I say as I walk into her beautifully decorated house. She always had an eye for fashion when it comes to her house. Right when you walk in there's a beautifully wooden furnished table with firery red chairs seated around it. The walls are painted tan with flowers added on the same color as the chairs. A wooden cabinet with glass doors and inside the doors are elegant pieces of China. Then you walk into the living room where a sea green couch sits and underneath is a cream colored carpet. On the walls are pictures of Scooter and her and us and other people they know. They don't have any children because unfortunately Pattie can't have any. So there's no pictures of their own kids on the walls. The walls are painted a pinkish white color which actually quite suits the room. Pattie also has a collection of teapots and teacups which she only uses on special occasions. They are put in the middle of the living room with a glass top over it. I sit on her gorgeous couch and Pattie comes out with our tea. She sits beside me handing me my tea. "So, how is Justin doing?" she asks cautiously. "He's doing alright. I think becoming a Nazi changed him. He always comes home and goes straight to bed. He's always so emotionless. I can't even kiss him anymore. He has become so closed off. What happened to the Justin that I first met at the market? With his dazzling smile and witty sense of humor. I miss that Justin." I say choking up on my tears. "It's alright Annabelle." She says patting my back. But before she gets to finish there's a knock on the door.





Thank you so much for reading this! It really means a lot! Please let me know what you think below in the comments! And if you want more please tell me! Thanks!

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