In Search Of The Queen

Finding a mate for the king is important. So why am I being sent back to school to get her?!
But if my master wishes for a queen in a high school skirt and a tight fitting white shirt who am I to stop him.


4. The queen arrived in a rush

According to my time table my first lesson was French. I'm Spanish myself but hey why not have a go. The teacher was some batty ancient woman with an American accent, which didn't help the French pronouncing of her words. During the first half of the lesson the only word the class learnt was bonjour. Oh thank you, being eight hundred and thirty years of age has never told me how to say hello in French before. I just sat and looked out the window at the council houses.

Suddenly the classroom down creaked open and there she was standing looking ashamed in the doorway,

"I'm so sorry Miss. My father's car bro-"

The teacher snapped her off,

"Shut the hell up. this is the third time this week! If it happens again I'll exclude you from my lessons and see that the headmaster has a place in his office for you!"

The girl gave a whimper and I had to control myself not to break the teacher's fat neck. The girl walked through the tables and chairs  to the seat behind me. I let her calm down before I reached back and passed her a note.

Hey, I'm new. Bitch of a teacher! You okay?

My vamp hearing picked up on the scratching of a pencil. I had left my hand up turned on her table and when the scratching stopped the silk of her hand brushed onto mine. I let out a heavy breath and read the message,

Yes, thank you for your kindness. My father has over slept for the past week recently and I live to far away to walk. What a embarrassment, I hate being embarrassed... I'm Ruby. yourself? 

Her writing was formal, master would love that, and she was polite. I wrote back my name and a comment on her fancy handwriting. 


Throughout the lesson we wrote through five pieces of paper  and by the bell I found out so much about her. Master will be pleased. 

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