In Search Of The Queen

Finding a mate for the king is important. So why am I being sent back to school to get her?!
But if my master wishes for a queen in a high school skirt and a tight fitting white shirt who am I to stop him.


1. Stubborn

I don't want to leave.

This place has been my home, my haven, the relaxing breath after a long day I need. I can't leave I won't!

"You're leaving, end of!" Black informed me. He stared blankly over at me from across the table. Shrugging I leaned back in my chair,

"What of Anna?"

"She'll be looked after Zack you know that." Black comforted me.

Since 1578 he'd been there for me. As my sire he kinda had to be, but at least he was willing to let us learn from him and wait for us if we fell behind in life. I can't think of anyone better. Standing up I walked to the door,

"Guess I'll pack my things then."

As I walked out in the hallway I heard Black whisper,

"Thank you Zack!"

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