In Search Of The Queen

Finding a mate for the king is important. So why am I being sent back to school to get her?!
But if my master wishes for a queen in a high school skirt and a tight fitting white shirt who am I to stop him.


2. Grumpy piles of............................

School, he's sent me back to school!

I looked up at the massive grey block of cerment. It created a more depressing shadow over the houses near it's gates and the surrounding trees. Prison in a box. I'd been to school in the sixties, but that was only because Anna was there and I didn't want to be away from her.

I walked up the front doors. So cheap, I thought as I wrapped my fingers around the handles. I walked silently into the front office. A old woman sat behind a small desk. I leaned on the window ledge and tapped on the glass. When the lady looked up I noticed she had red lipstick more on her teeth than anything else. She slid the glass screen across,


Charming, I thought, "I'm Zack French, I'm attending the school until half term break."

She groaned and passed a stack of papers,

"Fill 'em out and give back!"

Jesus, what was I going to do steal them? I nodded and passed through a door into the waiting room. Sitting down on a hard chair I quickly filled out the questions and handed it back to the grumpy piles of.... Zack control!

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