In Search Of The Queen

Finding a mate for the king is important. So why am I being sent back to school to get her?!
But if my master wishes for a queen in a high school skirt and a tight fitting white shirt who am I to stop him.


3. Bins and vampires don't get on

I took a deep breath before opening the door to my classroom, "you can do this Zack, your an eight hundred and thirty year old vampire!" I whispered under my breath. My encouragement didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Walking into the classroom caused every part of eyes to glare at me from dull human faces. I walked forward, staring more at the bored teenage faces than where I was going,

"Ah...crap!" I yelled as I landed face down on the floor. Gazing behind myself I saw the metal bin, the evil piece of... that had made me trip over. Laughter erupted from every mouth in the room. I stumbled to my feet and looked around me.

"You want to swear in my class again?" a voice challenged beside me, I looked to my left were a young male teacher sat with his feet on the desk. He read a crumpled newspaper, "Well?" he pressed.

"No." I muttered.

"No SIR!" The teacher ordered and folded the paper away, "Well, what do ya what then boy?"

"I - um - I'm a new student sir." I don't understand this school. The teachers are rude and the whole place smells of moulding apples and dog  dodo. The teacher grunted and told me to find a seat. I walked, carefully, over to a seat right at the back of the room. It was away from the window and out of sight of the teacher's desk.

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