Teen crisis

Hey, I’m Izzy Moon or. I am thirteen years old and I live with two older annoying brothers ( Robbie and Jason), one sweet sister ( roxy who is ten minutes younger than me) and my mum. When I was twelve I inherited mums long, straight , red hair and fat lips. I know I go on about my life being terrible but I over exaggerate. My life is cool. Hard but cool.
Me and my sister are well known in the fashion industry. Unlike me my sister has nice, long, straight, dirty blonde hair and perfect lips. Me and Roxy model clothes for New York, La and Paris. Roxy also designs clothes for our projects. Roxys magazine name is Loulou La mode . At the moment We are working on a photot shoot called 'Pour Jeunes' In english it means teenage fashion but since the project is about fashion in Paris. Modelling might seem fun but really you dont know how hard it is in reality.
Then my life changed. All in one night in one wood .


3. Erm...? chptr 3? soz its a bit short

It was 12pm and for some strange reason I couldn’t sleep. What was keeping me up

RING! RING! RING! I hate my phone! “Who the hell do you think you are calling me at this time?!? I could have been asleep for all you know! Oh hi Josie.”

“hi. Look I’m sorry about how I have been acting lately its just that Robbie dumped me so I was a little mad”

2oh hi. It’s all right. Erm do you want to model some clothes in the show tomorrow I could use some extra hands. And I’m sure the dresses will look extra dazzling on you!”

Thanks...Erm I’ve got to go now so…” Then she hung up on me! Charming!

I called her back "Well that was charming thanks!" and hung up on her! She called me back " That wasnt nice Izzy!"

" No it wasnt you should learn to be nicer"

"I hate you"

" Good!" I hung up on her My phone rang again

" Do you really hate me?"

" Yes" And hung up on her again. I was so tired I put my phone on silent. Sod her i need to sleep.


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