Teen crisis

Hey, I’m Izzy Moon or. I am thirteen years old and I live with two older annoying brothers ( Robbie and Jason), one sweet sister ( roxy who is ten minutes younger than me) and my mum. When I was twelve I inherited mums long, straight , red hair and fat lips. I know I go on about my life being terrible but I over exaggerate. My life is cool. Hard but cool.
Me and my sister are well known in the fashion industry. Unlike me my sister has nice, long, straight, dirty blonde hair and perfect lips. Me and Roxy model clothes for New York, La and Paris. Roxy also designs clothes for our projects. Roxys magazine name is Loulou La mode . At the moment We are working on a photot shoot called 'Pour Jeunes' In english it means teenage fashion but since the project is about fashion in Paris. Modelling might seem fun but really you dont know how hard it is in reality.
Then my life changed. All in one night in one wood .


2. chptr2

"OMG!" squealed Josie "you’re on the front cover of Shout magazine! Wow! I wish I was you!" How much more boring could this day get. Normally I would be fine about talking about boys and fashion but when it’s all you hear about it gets annoying!

"Yeah" I said sarcasm dripping from my voice. Josie didn’t realise it thought so she carried on. "You could move to new York, LA or even Paris! Wow!”


"You could be like Kate moss!"


She turned around to look at me “you’re not going to move are you?” I looked at her in shock” What leave you? Leave my school? Leave my home? Not a chance!”

She smiled in relief then started Frown. I followed her gaze “Oh yeah. In the fashion shoot at London I had to wear these really tight high heels.” My feet had swollen up.”

“Izzy!” I spun around to see Roxy running to wards me “I just found an email saying that the Pour Jeunes project has to be ready for the queen’s official birthday! The 30th of September! We’ve only got 10 days left!” I dropped my ice cream

“What? Sorry Josie I’ve got to run I’ll make it up to you I promise!” And with that I ran I didn’t stop until I reached my bedroom. I grabbed all my design sheets and began to work. I looked at the clock. It was 3:47! I had been working for 10 hours! Roxy stepped into my room, “you should try to sleep we have 9 days and you’ve already done 15 dresses!” I looked at her in pure shock.

“Since when do I sleep on things? No way am I going to sleep!” She sighed and walked out the room.

My alarm went off at 6:00 am. I had fallen asleep! I shoved on my ragged pair or jeans, the ‘Kiss me’ cat top and my furry brown boots. I ran down the stairs into the kitchen to find Roxy eating some porridge.” And she’s alive” Joked mum entering the kitchen. However being the mature person I am I ignored her “Sorry Roxy I must have fallen asleep! She looked up at me.

“It’s fine! Ill carry on for you

I have a weird feeling in my stomach. As if something’s not right. That’s it! Josie hasn’t called me I ages (ok a day but still…)! It had crossed my mind that she could be jealous but I shook it away quickly. She can’t be jealous! Can she? For the next four days Roxy and I carried on working on the fashion shoot. Four days, hard work and not a single call or text from Josie! Maybe she was jealous. Don’t be stupid I scolded myself.

Roxy sent me out for some red silk and black leather. When I asked her why she tapped her nose and said “wouldn’t you like to know” I said yes but didn’t ask further. Roxy always knows what to do. It had been almost an hour when I finally got home. “Hello? Roxy I’m back” Mom appeared in the doorway

She told me to tell you when you get back join her in the design studio AKA her bed room” I thanked Mom and ran up to join Roxy.When reached the door i heard Roxy on the phone."I know that Robbie dumped you. Youve told me five times now but theres no need to take it out on Izzy! So? Whatever!" then she hung up. "Hi" I said opening the door

“Hi...” (Awkward silence)

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