Still In Love <3

I didn't want to see him ever again. He broke my heart. He used to be my best friend, but he left me. Left me alone and unloved. The pain he caused me hurt so much it was unbearable. Believe it or not I used to be best friends with the Justin Bieber. And now he is back in my life and I don't know what to do. *JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FICTION*


4. Chapter 4: I'm His<3

Chapter 4: I'm His<3


(Justin's P.O.V) 


I was worried about Kendra. She has been threw a lot. I will have to make it up to her. Cause of me she is scared of Ryan, Chaz, Christian, and Caitlyn. That has to be why she ran back inside her house. I went over to my house to have a serious conversation with everybody.

Chaz: 'What's up man?' 

Me: 'Don't 'what's up man' me. Why would all of you do that to Kendra?!

Caitlyn: 'What did we do baby?'

Christian: 'We didn't do anything Justin."

Ryan: 'Seriously what did we do?'

Me: 'You hurt Kendra. All of you. You all disgust me. Don't talk to me anymore and Caityln, it's over. I love someone else now.'


Me: 'Kendra"

And with that I left to go to Kendra's house. I had to make her mine and I had to do it tonight. I want to make it up to her.


(Kendra's P.O.V)


I saw Justin come back after seeing him talk to Ryan, Caitlyn, Chaz, and Christian. I opened the door and saw Justin. 

Justin: 'Me and Caitlyn are over and I won't be hearing from Ryan, Chaz, and Christian anymore.'

Me: 'I'm sorry'

Justin: 'Why are you sorry? They hurt you and I'm way closer to you then them.'

Me: 'Aww thanks'

Justin: 'I want to take you out tonight I will pick you up at seven.'

Me: 'Ok. Where are you taking me?'

Justin: 'It's a suprise. Don't wear anything fancy.'

Me: 'Ok. See you in a hour or so?'

Justin: 'Yeah sounds good. Bye Beautiful!'

I started to blush like crazy when he called me beautiful. No other guy has called me beautiful! It was about 6 so i started to get ready.


I was putting the last bit of mascara and I was ready to go! I am wearing some dark wash skinny jeans with a sparkly blac and gold flowy shirt with some black heels. I was some excited!

I heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Justin standing there wearing black and gold like me!

Me: 'Hey we are kind of matching haha! You look amazing though!'

Justin: 'Haha seems we are. You look beautiful.

Me: 'Thanks.'

*In the car*

We pulled in to Olive Garden and Olive Garden is like my favorite restaurant!

Me: 'How do you still remember?!'

Justin: 'You are my best friend what do you think?'

We walked into the restaurant and took are seats. We caught up with each other. I couldn't believe that i have my best friend back. When I see him I see him as Justin not the celebrity Justin Beiber. I love him for him. We ordered our food and Justin knew what I wanted I still can't believe he still remembers!!

Justin: 'Kendra, I love you. You are beautiful. And you like me for me, not that I am Justin Bieber. You are sweet, kind, funny, caring, and have a great personality. Will you be mine?

I was shocked.

Me: 'Of course! I love you too!

We both smiled. And he came toward me and shared our first passionate kiss. When we kissed it was like me and Justin were the only people there. Fireworks went everywhere. I was truely happy for once.



*Hope you like it!! Comment if you want more!!*

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