Still In Love <3

I didn't want to see him ever again. He broke my heart. He used to be my best friend, but he left me. Left me alone and unloved. The pain he caused me hurt so much it was unbearable. Believe it or not I used to be best friends with the Justin Bieber. And now he is back in my life and I don't know what to do. *JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FICTION*


21. Chapter 21: Miserable

Chapter 21: Miserable


(Kendra's P.O.V)


It has been a month since I sang those songs to Justin. I got to admit I regret it so much. I was angry, I mean who wouldn't be? I even miss Justin. But I just can't forgive him. I love him still. 


I have been miserable these past month. I've had hate from Beliebers. I can't even leave the bus without getting mobbed by them. Also I went back to cutting. I know it's bad but it covers up the pain I already have. I rarely come out of my room. Katelyn helps me but it's no use. When I perform I seem happy but on the inside I'm not. I'm depressed. Why did Justin have to cheat? I just want him back but I can't forgive him. So many memories are back from when Justin left. I feel exactly like that when he left.



(Justin's P.O.V)


I have been miserable this past month. I deserve everything Kendra did to me. I am even getting hate from Kinders (Kendra's fanbase, I know it's stupid but I was thinking about Miley and her fanbase). I have to make it up to Kendra but I don't know how....






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