Still In Love <3

I didn't want to see him ever again. He broke my heart. He used to be my best friend, but he left me. Left me alone and unloved. The pain he caused me hurt so much it was unbearable. Believe it or not I used to be best friends with the Justin Bieber. And now he is back in my life and I don't know what to do. *JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FICTION*


2. Chapter 2: New Neighbor

Chapter 2: New Neighbor


(Kendra's P.O.V) 


I was outside playing volleyball when a moving truck came and pulled into the driveway across the street. 'Finally they got that house sold' I thought. A boy stepped out of the truck. He had a hoodie on with sunglasses. I wonder if he is hot in that hoodie? He started to make his way over here.

Boy: 'Hey, I just moved here across the street. My name is Justin.'

Me: 'Hi Justin. I'm Kendra. Not Bieber right?'

Justin seemed unsteady when I said that.

Me: 'I was just kidding. haha'

Justin: 'Oh right. Haha. So I'm guessing you don't like Justin Bieber?'

Me: 'I really don't I guess we had a past.'

Justin: 'Really? Tell me about it.

And we that I told him the whole story with Justin. You might be thinking why would I do that? It was weird i had this feeling I was talking to my best friend. Weird right? I don't even have friends! It's really sad that don't have friends. After I told him the story he stood up and was getting ready to tell me something.

Justin: 'I have a confession to make.'

Me: 'Whats that?'

Justin: 'I'm Justin Bieber.'

He took of his sunglasses. And there stood my used to be best friend. The one I used to love and broke my heart. I felt tears pinch my eyes fixing to fall any moment. I stood there shocked.



*TA DA!!! Hope you like it love ya guys!! :)*



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