soul snatchers!

this is my story about... well lets say it isn't quite normal and it isn't really too believable either. But trust me, it all happened exactly how I tell it. To gain your trust let me say that tho whole incident began in school. The story doesn't but things start happening there... so yeah. If it was an actual fictional story then it would start somewhere creepy. But it isn't, so it doesn't!


2. The start...

 "Lacy! Hurry it up already I am going to be late!" I found myself reduced to frantic screaming! My annoyingly perfect little  sister had claimed the bathroom for herself and was not leaving it until she was "perfect" which she already was! I mean come on! Try skinny, tanned, curly blonde, big blue eyed, most popular girl in her year on for size! I on the other hand am practically white, small, black haired, ice blue eyed and a loner! That is why nobody believes that we are sisters! All I get from the people who venture out to talk to me is "Are you sure you aren't adopted? I mean Lacy is so cool and you're so... you!" It is one of the most annoying things ever! Lets just skip the part now as it's pretty boring and just involves me and Lacy screaming at each other until she gives up and comes out! Jeez it took a lot longer than it should, I'll tell you that for nothing! After that episode I put on my favourite black top and my ripped black skinny jeans. Pulled on my knee-high boots and set of for the hell pit aka school.

I got to school late and had a mouth-full off miss "devil" deatons. Devil Deaton is about as thick as you can get! here is a little bit of an explaination via our conversation:


"I'm sorry but my irritating little sister wouldn't get out of the bathroom so that I could get in and get ready!"

"So you need to wake up earlier?"

"No, cuz my sister gets up at about 3:00 to get ready!"

"So your sister needs to get in the car erlier?"

"We don't have a car. We walk!"

"So there is a problem with your car?"

"...n... yes, yes there is!"

"Right well then. GET IT SORTED!"

You see what I mean now? She is stupid!!! While in form a new kid was intruduced. He is called Dyrrin and is an Emo!!! I was thrilled not to be a loner in my style! He had black hair that was sweeped across his eyes and had pale green eyes! It was like... wow! Ok that sounds really stupid. Well after that strange things started happening. I'm talking about really strange stuff, not just school strange either! All the girls were after Dyrrin. Yet suprisingly Dyrrin wasn't after the girls! Not even Kya! Kya is the little miss perfect of my year and hardly goes after any guys. She also somtimes hangs out with Lacy! Least to say she hates me! She shoved me in the hall the other day when she saw Dyrrin and I suddenly had more strength than ever! I pushed her back so hard that she fell over on her bum! Then when she got up again she had to shuffle off like some sort of useless penguin! I couldn't stop laughing! Then I swear I heared some peoples thoughts and ran faster than ever! Things were getting too weird so I pulled a sicky the next day. I needed time to work out what was happening!

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