soul snatchers!

this is my story about... well lets say it isn't quite normal and it isn't really too believable either. But trust me, it all happened exactly how I tell it. To gain your trust let me say that tho whole incident began in school. The story doesn't but things start happening there... so yeah. If it was an actual fictional story then it would start somewhere creepy. But it isn't, so it doesn't!


5. the decision

 Finally the weekend came! I rung up Roxanne (my bestie) and told her everything. The conversation went like this:

"No way!" Roxanne said.

"Yes way! Look Roxy we need to focus on what they ment! I mean how weird is this whole thing! All Dyrrin did yesterday was give me evil eyes! It actually made me sad for some unknown reason!"

"It's not unknown my pally! It's cuz you liiiiiiiiiiiiike him!"

"I am going to kill you if you mention that again!"

"You liiiiiiiiiike him! Dyrrin and Raven sitting in a tree! OOh lala!"

"Thats it i'm going now."

"Oooooooh hanging out with Dyrrin are we?"

"I will kill you in your sleep!"

"Well thats nice isn't it?!"


"Later lovebird!"

"..." She hung up! She truly is charming!!! How typical!

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