soul snatchers!

this is my story about... well lets say it isn't quite normal and it isn't really too believable either. But trust me, it all happened exactly how I tell it. To gain your trust let me say that tho whole incident began in school. The story doesn't but things start happening there... so yeah. If it was an actual fictional story then it would start somewhere creepy. But it isn't, so it doesn't!


3. The connection

 Over the weekend I decided to clear my mind. I grabbed my Ipod and my sketch pad and set off to the park. I climbed the big tree at the end and relaxed. I sketched the birds-eye veiw of the park while listening to BVB. Then I saw him. Dyrrin was there sat on the park bench at the other end! Straight opposite me! He was in black jeans and a BVB top! I nearly fell out of the tree! I swear he laughed a little even though he paid no attention to me for the rest of the day! He had a sketch book too! I was shocked at how much we had in common! He was smiling as he drew and it was so cute! Then he started to pack up and head my way! I was partially paralyzed! Then I found my courage hiding with my dignity! I plucked them both up and jumped from the tree! I was on the top branch as well but I still landed on my feet! I was amazed but then I remembered my situation and ran for it!

On Monday I was walking down the corridor in my blck and white checkered skirt and BVB top with my head down when I tripped! My twisted fairytale bag spilled out all my stuff! Including my sketch pad! As I made a frantic grab for it a perfectly manicured hand snatched it up! I raised my head slightly to see Kya and her crinies laughing and flicking through my book! That book was like my journal! I thought my life had ended when...

"Hey Kya. Leave the kid alone for once, yeah?" Said a deep husky voice. DYRRIN! Oooooh my day was getting worse!

"But Dyrrin!" She whined. "We don't like her! And this stuff is priceless! Pleeeaaassseee!" She whimpered. I could almost hear her pout!

"NO!" He said firmly.

"You're no fun!" She complained as she waddled away.

"I believe this is yours?" Dyrrin said. I look up and made a grab for my book. "You're good, you know? Just egnore Kya and them. They are probably just jelous!" I gave him a ludicrous look.

"Jelous? Yeah right! As if! I have nothing for them to be jelous of."

"How about natural beauty, a great personality and talent? Do they have that?" He then looked down at my top. "Oh, and we can't forget exelent taste in music! I griined and blushed so madly I though I might turn into a strawberry! I thanked him and ran off before I burst! Something had felt strange at that moment. Like we had connected. It was strange...

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