soul snatchers!

this is my story about... well lets say it isn't quite normal and it isn't really too believable either. But trust me, it all happened exactly how I tell it. To gain your trust let me say that tho whole incident began in school. The story doesn't but things start happening there... so yeah. If it was an actual fictional story then it would start somewhere creepy. But it isn't, so it doesn't!


4. the confusion

 I woke up the next day of school to witness a miricle. Lacy was not in the bathroom! I was just about to get there when she made a flying leap for it, got in and slammed the door in my face. "Well thats just charming isn't it! Juuuuusssstt charming..." I stood there with my arms folded for a while, shaking my head until I gave up and walked off. I shoved my Linkin Park tee-shirt and black skinny jeans on. I sat infront of the bathroom door cross legged with my Ipod on for at least an hour. Thats when I first heard it. There were four other voices coming from underneath the bathroom window along with Lacy's! I stormed into my room and stuck my head out of the window. The voices belonged to Dyrrin and three other people who obviously don't go to my school. A guy who had cropped blonde hair and had amber eyes, a girl with a light brown pixie cut and green eyes and a guy who I knew my best friend would love. He had long brown hair that swooped just above his eyes, really deep brown eyes and was quite buff! They were all arguing. here's the nub and gist of it:

"We have to tell them before it gets to close!" Dyrrin had said and he sounded worried!

"No chance! It's my sister and her bezzie we are talking about here and it is therefore MY decision!" Lacy said.

"Look little girly, this is way out of your leage now... ok?" Said the girl with the pixie cut.

They were all ganging up on my little sister! As much as I hate her she is family! I jumped out of the window(!) and landed on my feet in the middle of them!

"WOW! O.k. someone tell me how I did that! Actually never mind, ALL OF YOU< STOP GANGING UP ON MY SISTER!" I screamed. The boy with the brown hair started growling!!!!! THEN his eyes turned yellow!!!

"Down boy!" Said the girl as she laughed.

"Thats it Lacy we're going." I said determindly as I grabbed her hand and ran. All I heard from the people behind me was Dyrrin shouting "Raven! Wait. I can explain. Give me a chance!"

"Yeah right!" I shouted back. No one could top me!

Me and Lacy pulled a sicky again. We both needed to think. It just didn't add up.

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