A Whole New Direction

Nala and her best friend, Caitlin, have been fans of One Direction ever since the first album came out, but neither of them were obsessive over the boys. One day they were walking around in Dublin, Ireland when they saw a big mob of girls attacking Niall Horan, but just laughed and kept walking. When Niall tries to find shelter in one the coffee shop where the girls work, Nala and Caitlin get a big surprise and their whole lives change.


6. Wake Up Sleepyhead

Louis' P. O. V.

At the reunion between me and the boys, we all, including Caitlin and Nala, got a bit drunk. I learned that Caitlin might be shy on the outside, but she is really... Loud. And she talks a lot. It made me love her even more. And Nala, she was the stripper drunk. By the end of the night, Niall had forty photos of her only in her bra and panties. I'm guessing they had fun last night. The only down side was I woke up this morning with Zayn and the girls were both back at their flat. I hear my phone go off and immediately wish that it's Caity-Cat.

*Caity-Cat: Good morning. I was hoping we could hang out:)*

*Reply: Yeah, sure. Come over at 10?*

*Caity-Cat:Can't wait!!*

I sat back and realized I only had about thirty minutes until Caity-Cat will get here. I stand and shuffle down stairs, beginning to make two omelets when I hear Liam,"Hey, bro. Will you make me one, please?"

"Yeah, sure!"I reply, grabbing two more eggs.

Liam plops onto the couch and turns on some cartoons. Then the three other boys come stampeding down the stairs.

"Good morning," Liam and I say in unison. All of the boys just grunt and flop around the couch and on the floor.

Caitlin steps in,"Wow. Classy guys." All of the boys grunt again and Liam and I laugh. "Well then," she frowns,"Can you tell me what all happened last night?"

Niall immediately hopped up, flashing the pictures from last night on his phone. There's one picture of me and Caitlin locking lips and we both just blush as Niall bursts out laughing, then curdling like milk at the pain of his headache. I wrap my arms around Caitlin's hips and chuckle at Niall, when Nala jumps through the door, running to the trash can and blowing junks.

"Oh, god," Caitlin and Niall both whisper.

"Are you three the only ones not hung over?" Nala asked addressing me, Caity-Cat, and Liam. We all nod our heads Caitlin goes to rinse the vomit off of Nala's face.

I walk over to Zayn, who is pretty much passed out, and poor a glass of water on his head.

"Holy JESUS!" He yells while everyone else just chuckles and snorts at him.

'Wake up, sleepyhead," I say mockingly.


Zayn's P. O. V.

Being hung over and woken up to cold water put me in a bad mood, and seeing Niall and Nala together just made it worse. I sat up and just rolled my eyes. I saw Nala giggle and my heart sank. I know she doesn't know how I feel about her, but having her do that without realizing how I feel gave me chest pains. All I could do was walk into my room, well the room I'm sharing with Liam, who ended up running after me.

"Hey, are you ok?" he asks me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Jus leave me alone for a little while."

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about?"

"Yes, Liam. I'm sure," I say much more rudely than intended.

"Oh, okay,"he whimpers quietly,"I'm sorry."He ran off before I could apologize, so I just stomped into the room. I don't know what I'm doing... I have pushed myself into a big mess. Falling for my best mates girl, telling him, not telling her, yelling at my bud, not the best decisions I've made... I think I should tell Nala, but then Niall willl get so pissed. What if I email her instead of say it? No. That'll be lame. What if I just shut up about it? But then I'll feel like there is a big weight on my shoulders. What if I tell Caitlin? Will she tell Nala, so that I don't have to? But then Nala will get mad at me for telling Caitlin instead of her... I just don't know-- My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a cup banging on a table. Confused, I stalk down the stairs to see what's going on. I see Caitlin clapping and banging around the cup and Nala is singing. She has a nice voice, and then I realize I know this song. Are they doing the cup song?

"You're gonna miss me when I'm gone," everyone begins cheering as Caitlin and Nala stand and bow. I walk over and begin clapping and can't help but look over at Nala and noticed Niall staring over at me. Ignoring him I whistle. They were really good. I bet if they went to the mall or something, people would give them money. Especially if One Direction was there.

"I have an idea!" I chirp," Let's go to the mall and make someone some money."

"That's a great idea," Louis agrees,"It'll help if you have some back up vocals, too," he pulls Caitlin onto his lap and she giggles and kisses his cheek. Niall takes Nala's hands,"Yeah, you guys did great. You'll definitely make a lot of money."

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