A Whole New Direction

Nala and her best friend, Caitlin, have been fans of One Direction ever since the first album came out, but neither of them were obsessive over the boys. One day they were walking around in Dublin, Ireland when they saw a big mob of girls attacking Niall Horan, but just laughed and kept walking. When Niall tries to find shelter in one the coffee shop where the girls work, Nala and Caitlin get a big surprise and their whole lives change.


11. This is Important.

Caitlin's P. O. V.

How could I do that? To my best friend, of all people. I'm usually the god one, too. I keep Nala in line. I am the designated driver. I don't get out of control. But I am the one who sleeps with her best friend's boyfriend. Not to mention the fact that he took my virginity! I thought Louis, or Liam would be my first, but in my broken and vulnerable state, I decided to go with Nala's boyfriend! What is going on with me? I'm breaking down. I barely talk. I get lost in space. I'm the focused one! Or at least I'm supposed to be. I can't stand myself. I hate myself. I am a horrible person. I'm going to burn in hell. No doubt about it. I have sinned. A major sin. I lied, slept before being wed, and just been horrible. I have to tell Nala. I have o talk to Niall. Maybe he'll agree that we need to tell her. Or maybe he'll think I'm insane and snap me out of it. Either way, something major is going to happen.

"Niall! I need to ta--" I stopped abruptly when I see Niall and Nala cuddling on the couch."--lk to you. Uh... Never mind."

"No no, what's up?" he asked with a big grin on his face.

"Never mind, I forgot,"I giggled nervously, "Just carry on with your adorableness."

Nala giggled and tilted her head onto Niall's shoulder. I stepped out of the room, still looking back, until I bump into Louis,"Oh sorry," I apologize, snapping out of La La Land, "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"It's all good,"he laughed. I smiled carefully and walked past him. I walked into my room to see Liam laying on my bed, playing on his phone.

"Hi," he whispered with a small grin.

"Hey there,"I say jumping beside him. I kissed him on the cheek,"What's up?"

"Nothing, just bored."

"Same." I say yawning. Really, there's a whole bunch of stuff going on and I want to tell Liam every detail of it, but I need to talk to Niall before I talk to anyone else. My head begins to throb, so I curl up beside Liam and he wraps his arms around me, his head is nuzzled in my hair, his breath is slow and warm. He smells like pumpkin spice and he strokes my arm,"I think I'm falling in love with you, Caitlin," When I first heard what he said, I thought I would freak out. I thought I wouldn't be able to say anything back,"I'm know I'm falling in love with you,"I say, lifting my head to look in his eyes. His beautiful eyes. He leaned down and gently put his lips on mine and we both smiled on each other's lips.


Nala's P. O. V.

Niall and Caitlin have both been acting weird. I figured Niall was because of me saying no to him, but what about Cai? When she came to talk to Niall, it seemed sort of urgent, like what she had to say could hurt a lot of people. I've known Caitlin all my life, and she has been the good girl that kept me grounded. What if it's my turn to keep her grounded? I need to find out what's going on with her and if Niall has something to do with it. 

I didn't realize how in space I was until Niall shook me with both hands, "Nala!"he shouted at me. My head snapped over at him and I blinked rapidly, "Oh, hey. I'm sorry," I squeaked," What's going on?" I look over to see all the boys and Cai sitting around us. Maybe this has something to do with the way Cai and Niall have been acting. Maybe it's more information about Eleanor and the baby. Whatever it may be, it's important.

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