A Whole New Direction

Nala and her best friend, Caitlin, have been fans of One Direction ever since the first album came out, but neither of them were obsessive over the boys. One day they were walking around in Dublin, Ireland when they saw a big mob of girls attacking Niall Horan, but just laughed and kept walking. When Niall tries to find shelter in one the coffee shop where the girls work, Nala and Caitlin get a big surprise and their whole lives change.


8. Surprise!

Liam's P. O.V.

These feelings I have for Caitlin are not okay. I know she's not dating Louis anymore, but I still can't do that. Right now she needs someone to help her through the hurt, but I'm not sure I should be that person... I can't do that to Lou. I bet he still likes her, but Elanor seems to be the girl for him. I just am not sure what I should.

"I just want to let you know, I'm here for you," I whisper in her ear, my hand around her waist. The other boys left and Nala went to go make Cai some hot chocolate. Apparently it makes her feel better when she's sad. She buries her head deeper in my chest and whispers,"I know."

Those two words had a heavy impact on my mood. My heart warmed my chest, beating fast. I could feel Caitlin's pulse in my chest. My eye lids got heavy with love. A large breath escaped my chest, relaxing every muscle in my body, except for my arms, which stayed around Caitlin, protecting her with all of my might.

"Knock, knock,"Nala whispered, carrying in seven mugs of hot chocolate on a tray with Harry, Niall, and Zayn following behind her. My moment with Caitlin concluded with me kissing her cheek and then reaching for our mugs.

"I'm going to go give this to Louis," Nala announced in a hushed voice. "Do you want me to?" I asked. "No, I've got it."


Nala's P. O. V.

I stormed into Louis' room, shutting the door behind me. I shoved the mug into the sad Louis' hands.

"I cannot believe you. How could you do that to Cai? She really liked you and you went and ruined that! You have broken her heart, and that is not okay!" I shouted.

"I know,"he mumbled.

"I don't think you do. She is in there crying over you! You really screwed this up. What does Eleanor have that she doesn't?"I pleaded, tears forming in my eyes,"You know how sensitive Caitlin can be, and now she--she's going to be even more self conscious because you left her for someone else!"

"I know. I didn't want to, but when Eleanor came back into my life all of these old feelings bubbled back up. I still like Caitlin, just not as much,"he said.

"Not as much? What the hell does that mean? How can your feelings for her just deflate? If you don't love her than you can't have her," I felt like I just jabbed him with a knife, and my his facial expression he did too. 

"I know,"he whispered, standing and leaving the room, leaving his mug steaming on the dresser. 


Louis'P. O. V.

I can't believe Nala had the nerve to say that to me. She doesn't get that I'm hurting about this too. I had pushed Caitlin out of her comfort zone and ripped everything we had apart with one stupid feeling I had about my past. Eleanor. I can't believe that Elanor is back and i just a few days she has already ruined my life. This always happens with her. She pops up in my life and I drop everything to be with her, but deep down I know that she is just going to abandon me again. I need to stop right now. My life cannot get fogged up. I need to sort  everything out before it gets out of hand. First thing on my list: let go of Eleanor. 

*To EL: Hey, can we meet at the coffee shop?*

*From El: Yeah, be right over;)*

I step into the shop, my eyes locking with Eleanor's. She stands and immediately, my life is changed.

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