A Whole New Direction

Nala and her best friend, Caitlin, have been fans of One Direction ever since the first album came out, but neither of them were obsessive over the boys. One day they were walking around in Dublin, Ireland when they saw a big mob of girls attacking Niall Horan, but just laughed and kept walking. When Niall tries to find shelter in one the coffee shop where the girls work, Nala and Caitlin get a big surprise and their whole lives change.


10. Payback and More

Louis' P. O. V.

What have I done? I can't take care of a kid, let alone take care of a kid with Eleanor. I have to tell the boys, or should I wait until the kid's born. I don't even know the sex of my kid! I'm not even sure it's mine! El didn't give me any information except for, "I'm pregnant," which was pretty obvious! I'm going o tour, how am I going to take care of a baby? They can't come on tour. I refuse to let El ruin another thing in my life. I met Eleanor at a concert a while back. I saw her in the crowd and she just stood out. I couple days later she was a signing of mine. It was a little spectacle, but I have tons of fans like that. That night we were hanging out and we just got on really well. Things got intense. She came onto me and I had already started to fall for her. That was our first time. We had a good time, but that was our first and only time. We began hanging out and we fell for each other, but I had to leave for tour and I fell out of love. Now she's back. With a kid. She's a stalker. I found that out a little while after I left her the first time. I saw her at our next stop, then our next, and our next. She would try to get into my hotel. She was taken by security about eleven times. I did not want her to be here again, but instead of leaving, I have a kid. 

I realize I'm staring off into space when Caitlin and Nala are laughing as loud as they can. Niall is tickling Nala and Liam is tickling Caitlin. I look over to see Zayn tickling Harry. Wow. I miss a lot when I think. Maybe I should wait before I tell them. They're having so much fun. Their laughter dies down,"Hey, you okay, Lou?" Nala asks with a worried look on her face. She's been acting different suddenly. Nicer. It's sort of scary. She is tiny, yet terrifying. "I--uhm-- I have to tell you all something" I reply with a stutter. I feel everyone's eyes on me. This is way harder then I thought it would be. Just spit out! I scream at myself in my head. "Eleanor is pregnant and she th- she thinks it's mine."

Everyone's mouths practically touch the ground. I should've waited,"I'm also going to take care of it... With her." Suddenly everyone starts to yell at me, except for the girls. They just sat there. Staring. Why? Why weren't they yelling, too? I expected Nala to be the loudest one yelling at me.

"Shut up! It was one stupid mistake. It might not even be his." Nala yells,"Has she been tested? Like, is she sure it's yours?"

"She said she can tell. She said that it kicks when I get close."

"Bull! That is a load of flaming poop!" Nala pronounced,"There's no way."

"F--flaming poop?"Niall asked with a quizzical look on his face. Everyone begins laughing, except Caity-C-- I mean Caitlin.Why, though? What was she thinking so deeply about?



Niall's P. O. V.

I can't believe myself. How could I do that to Nala, to Liam, to Louis? I was just so hurt and lonely, and so was she. So was Caitlin. After being told no by Nala I just lost it. My judgement was clouded by anger and grief. I was vulnerable and so was Caitlin. We were lonely.

Last night I was a little tipsy. I just drank. That's all I could do. I was more than tipsy, I was drunk. I went up to Cai's room. Her eyes were glossy with tears. Her knuckles were white from anger. We stared into each other's eyes, reading each other's emotions, for what seemed to be days. And the  it happened. We--I lost control. Our bodies got close. Our lips touched roughly. My hands traveled up and down her back. Her fingers tangled themselves in my hair. She pushed me onto the couch in her room and the rest was a blur. When I woke up next to Caitlin, all the memory came flooding back to me. I storm of guilt rained down onto me. I ran back to my room, wrapped in a blanket with my clothes in my hand. When I got in my room I collapsed onto the floor. I have to act like everything is normal. Nala will find out, When the time is right. 

I got my clothes on and ran to Nala's room. I just walked in and took her hands. She was sitting up in her bed. Her hair was messy, her make up was smeared, and she was still i her clothes from yesterday.

"I am so sorry. I was out of line. We talked about saving it for marriage, but I'm afraid--I was afraid that if we didn't do it, then you would fall for some one else,"I apologized, also mentally adding the stuff about last night, just to make myself feel better. She looked up at me, her eyes glowing green. Her bottom lip quivered and he head dropped again. I put my finger under her chin and raised her head so that our eyes were level. I leaned in, carefully placing my lips gently on hers. Her lips puckered against mine and I could feel our love connecting. I put my left hand on her cheek and she put her left hand on my shoulder. I took my right hand out from under her chin and put it on her hip. She slowly leaned back and I was on top of her. Leg wrapped around mine. I snapped out of it was launched back up. "I'm sorry," I couldn't do it. She wanted to save herself and I had already betrayed her once, I can't do it again, "You have to save yourself."She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, "You passed." She was testing me! Time for payback. I grabbed her sides and she screamed, kicking her legs. I kept tickling her on her sides, but then I went to her real tickle spot. I wrapped my hands around her hips, then lowered them a few inches and pressed on the dimples on her bum that she gets when she uses her butt muscles. "ÄAHH!!!" She kicked and squirmed trying to wiggle herself away from me. I stopped, laughing and holding my stomach. She looked at my with a vengeful expression. She jumped on top of me, pushing me back and we rolled off of them bed. We were both laughing, our stomachs cramping. When our laughter died down, she planted her lips on mine then pulled back slowly.

"Whoa,"I breathed.

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