A Whole New Direction

Nala and her best friend, Caitlin, have been fans of One Direction ever since the first album came out, but neither of them were obsessive over the boys. One day they were walking around in Dublin, Ireland when they saw a big mob of girls attacking Niall Horan, but just laughed and kept walking. When Niall tries to find shelter in one the coffee shop where the girls work, Nala and Caitlin get a big surprise and their whole lives change.


3. A Great Day

Caitlin's P. O. V.

Wow. I am sitting next to Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Louis, the sass master. Sounds a lot like Nala to me. Just, wow. Louis. Tomlinson. I can barely believe it. His eyes are amazing, I want to drown in them. His hair. Oh, his hair. I wish I could use it as a blanket. His arms; I want to be in them right now. So strong and caring. I would feel so safe. I'm already falling for him. Right this instant, as we talk, as he moves. But, I am a daydreamer, just like Nala said. What I want will never happen. This will never happen.

Louis snaps me back into focus,"Oh!" I just laugh at my stupidity and he joins in, his eyes sparkling. 

"So long have you lived in Dublin?" he asks.

"I moved here when I was maybe nine," I reply.

"That's cool. Where did you live before then?"

"America, actually. A small town in Tennessee called Chattanooga."

"Oh wow, that's really far,"he says, amazed at the distance and we both giggle until there's a knock at the door."I'll get it."

"Aye!"greets a smiley Niall.

"Welcome to Nala's humble home," I reply. He steps in and skips over to Louis, who is already standing, and they hug, patting each other's backs and laughing. Nala then runs in from her room. She's wearing some jeans and a t-shirt with her hair in a messy bun. Of course, Niall just stares, his jaw nearly touching the floor. I lean into him,"Shut your mouth, or you'll catch flies," I whisper. He giggles and nudges me with his elbow. I catch Louis staring over at me. Surprised, I blush and look at the floor, staring at my shoes that Nala got me. 

"So, are we ready to go?" Nala asks, referring to us all with a cheeky grin.


Louis' P. O. V.

I see Caitlin staring at the ground and my heart sinks. I'm reminded of our first song at this moment and just laugh under my breath. I move behind Niall to get to her, but we are starting to leave, so I can't say anything about how beautiful she is. I rush over by her side so can sit by her in Nala's van. We all sit and I turn to Caitlin to tell her how I'm starting to feel about her, when I'm caught off guard by her big, brown eyes glowing in the sun light. Our eyes are locked until she looks at her hands. Nala and Niall are sitting up front so I have a chance to do what I have wanted to do since I set eyes on Caitlin. Ilift her chin until her face is so close to mine, our noses almost touch, and then our lips are touching. I put my hand on her cheek and she puts hers on the shoulder. I feel my heart pounding like a drum and it feels like it has been hours before we leave each other. I see the blush rising in her cheeks and all I can do is reach for her hand.

Once we get to the coffee shop my arm is wrapped around Caitlin's shoulders and we are both smiling as wide as we can. Niall is telling silly stories to Nala and she just keeps giggling. We all order coffee, except Niall, who gets hot chocolate, and we sit in a booth. 

"So, how have you been?" Nala asks me.

"Good," I reply,"I've been having a really nice time with Caitlin." I look over at her to see her blushing and Nala just chuckles. "How about you two love birds?" 

"We are pretty good" Niall says with a big smile across his face. "But I know, it is soon for this, but I just can't wait."He turns to Nala, who is already burning red,"Nala, I wanted to know if you would be my girlfriend."

She immediately throws her arms around his neck while he winks at me,"Of course!"

Now it's my turn, just to make it official, I take Caitlins hand and kiss her cheek. Before I say anything, she whispers in my ear a soft yes and she pecks my lips lightly. This is going to be a great day, I think to myself.

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