Come & Get It. ~ {Selena Gomez&Luke Brooks}

The popular girl from Los Angeles, Selena Gomez, meets the cool popular guy, Luke Brooks, when she attend the new school in Melbourne, Australia. She fast gets popular, because she's talking a lot to Luke and sits with him, some people even rumor the two of them to be in a relationship, will it go that way? Or will they stay friends? Well, only Selena and Luke can answer that question, but not alone, together.


1. Description of everything.

Selena Marie Gomez, called Andy Melody by everyone, that's her nickname, played by Selena Gomez.

Luke Anthony Mark Brooks, called Luke Brooks only, played by Luke Brooks.

Luciana 'Lucy' James, called Lucy James. Andy's bestfriend and adopted sister, played by Ariana Grande.

Mikayla 'Kayla' James, Lucy's biological little sister and Andy's adopted little sister, played by fetus Ariana Grande.

Beau Peter Brooks, Luke's older brother, played by Beau Brooks.

Jai Dominic Brooks, Luke's twin brother, played by Jai Brooks.



More persons might be added.

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