The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


3. You wear what you want

I think one thing everyone cares about is the way you dress. It seems that in this common day and age, that you have to wear things because they are fashionable or cool. Nowdays, you see most girls looking the same with the occasional girl who actually looks good. Don't get me wrong, you can wear whatever you want and many people do actually like the fashion but my point is, people feel pressured into buying clothes because popular people wear them and they don't want to look uncool.

I learnt from experience that people don't except that you choose to wear different clothes. I know how it feels to have the popular girl looking at you like you are a wierdo because you wear different jeans. But to be honest, they sometimes look a bit wierd, not to mention a little showy-offy. I'm not writing to offend anyone who might be popular because sometimes you are 'born to popularity' and you can't help but have boys swarming round you, but maybe take some time to say 'hi' to one of the people you try and avoid because, I know the popular people do go bigheaded and start to think that those people arne't important.

You might hear the 'popular people' saying that someone is uncool or sad but they are obvioulsy the sad ones if they think that person is sad. They must have spent so much time thinking about that person, that they are actually being sad and uncool because they are being mean. I mean, everyone is cool in your own way. But I think the nice people are cooler because they are kind to people even when they want to be with their friends.

I think to you firends you are cool and I think to the 'popular people's' friends they are cool. But because the 'popular people' are popualar, everyone automatically thinks that they have to think that they are cool too. I don't see who, but I guess its because the people are actually scared of them! There is no reason why they should be scared of them, they just are. Maybe they are worried that because the popular people are good at sport they might hurt them. Or because they have so many friends someone could shout at them or make their life hell. They might think they are amazing but remember.

You are cool!

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