The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


1. You are beautiful

I'm sure that many people experience to feeling of been left out. I sure do! There is something threatening about the popular girl who goes out with the boy you have the biggest crush on. But the even more threatening thing is that she has a group of friends behind her, who are still wishing they had her looks and popularity and would do anything to defend her. However, I can never be sure whether they really like her because, recently she ditched one of my friends and left her betrayed. At the start I was a tiny bit smug because, I knew the girl would upset her sometime. Just not now.

As I said in the paragraph above; those girls are pretty and all meet up at the scate park and try and hang out with boys. Right now, boys love playing on scooters and they are normally delighted when a pretty girl goes up and talks to them. Then it goes off in a chain reaction, she dates one boy; someone else fancies her and so on. Then before you know it she has been out with every popular boy and then she starts getting back with her exes. That goes round on a circle untill some people break up and go out with other people and before you know it you are wishing to be her.

But stop! Never wish to be someone else. Even if the person you want to be goes out with the boy you like, looks like a godess to you or is just popular. Just never wish to be her.

I have discovered from many encounters with the mean, popular girl that most popular people arne't nice and are full of themselves and can't help but put 'less popular' people down. One time actually stood up to one of the popular girls and she went crazy because, knowone had every done it before. She started mocking my voice and changed the thing I said to her to something much meaner and she made me feel like I couldn't stand up to her. But I could!

I think there are two kinds of people; popular and un-popular. Many of the un-popular people want to be popular but just never will be because, they are not the right material. Don't get me wrong, that is one of the the meanest things anyone could think. To be honest a lot of it boils down to how you look and if you are not the best looking person you get left out. I know how it feels to feel sad because people sigh when you are put on their rounders team or laugh because you tripped over your shoe lace in the corridor. Those kind of people can really make you feel like rubbish. The time when I did stand up to that girl, she told me to shut up in such a cruel way I actually felt sorry for her. I knew she was in lower classes than me and she obviously isn't a very nice person and she is so use to being the best, the funniest, the prettiest and the most popular that she didn't think about the other people humiliating her. This sounds mean but I actually told her to get anger management classes because she was in a bad mood (she wasn't happy with people in her rounders team more like) and I was pretty proud about what I said.

I think image is important too. Image doesn't just mean the way you look -only the way you act and behave. If you are happy and hyper they think you are uncool and sad. Then might start to look at you closer and think you are ugly and wierd but you must remember.

You are beautiful.


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