The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


2. You are amazing

Well, heres the next chapter, already. I know that people can be mean and horrible but you have got to stand up to them. Its hard to do it but you shouldn't be afraid of someone who is the same as you.

You are amazing! You are better than any robot, bully or popular person, you are individual. You are probably thinking that its easy for me to say but its not and I am giving you true facts. Like this...

A particulary bad comeback, "At least my face doesn't look like a cats bum hole..." That went down well...

When you think about it you are something so special, something so amazing its beyond belief. You are a living thing and I can't describe how amazing that is. You should be different. You should wear different clothes. You should make friends with the person in the corner because they smiled at you. You are induvidual. I guess in the end you are scared about what they think. But they shouldn't be judgeing you when they walk round in ugg boots and see-through leggins.

You don't need to wear make up. Its ok to wear eyeliner to show individuality or anything else but you shouldn't feel so bad about the way you look that you have to cover yourself in make up.

Remember that you are a person and they are the same as you. Never let them put you down.

You are amazing!


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