The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.



Something which nearly everyone thinks is important is the music you listen to. To be honest who really cares whether you like Country music or Rock music. However, too many people care and use it as an excuse to make fun of people.

Music can show people what you are like or who you are. It could make you choose you want to dress a certain way. The point is, many people put people down for what they listen to.

I remember a few years ago people were insulting my music taste and saying the singer was 'gay' or 'rubbish' but that's their opinion. Meanwhile, I was thinking their music taste was rubbish but not shouting it out for everyone to hear. One of the things which really annoys me now is that singer got more famous and all of a sudden 'she' wasn't gay or rubbish any more she was 'good'. I was glad though that, that singer was made to be someone more popular and can achieve their dreams.

Music can be someone's escape from other things they don't want to think about and I don't think society today really respects that. Its all about having your IPod's filled with the latest songs which you waste money on buying because you don't even like them. Its ok to try something new and listen to new music but most people do it for the 'coolness' of listening to the music.

On the subject of listening to 'cool' music I hear lots of people listening to the popular songs by singers. Many singers like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and others have so many amazing songs which know one knows about because they are too engrossed in listening to their popular songs. I'm not sure if many of the people who read this movella have realised but Taylor Swift released an album before her successful album Fearless and she has so many beautiful songs. As well as, having so many amazing songs which didn't go into that album.

I'm not been bias and only using Taylor Swift as an example because I'm in love with her and her music. Its just, she is not what lots of people who listen to her popular songs think all her music is like.

I know that everyone has musical views and I'm glad people can express themselves through music.

I think, maybe its sometimes a case of don't judge a book by its cover. See some singers might not be liked or might be liked for the way they look. Really its your opinion which matters. I remember a time when I liked different singers because other people liked them, but really its not about other people all the time and you should give yourself a chance to find your feet in what music you listen to.


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