The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


7. The pretendy friendy

So I guess everyone has had a friend who they don't like. Or a friend who they have liked. Sometimes people have a friends who pretend to be your friend when they fall out with someone then go back to them when they make friends. I call it using. You tell that 'friend' everything and they tell you a few things so they can drop you.

I wouldn't tell that 'friend' that I don't want to speak because the friendship was too good. All I wanted was a friendship away from my other friends busy lives. They like sport and I don't. The point is sometimes its good to be dis-similar to your friends. I was similar to my other friend.. I'm not saying if you are similar to them you should fall out because it could of been your similarities which made you friends.

I did think that that person was my friend. But I did get used. At first it was a game with friends (I think) then we actually became friends (or so I thought,) there were fall outs and he came to me to talk to, I know now that they are friends and most of the time out friendship was just because he didn't have a friend who was a girl.

Anyway, boring bit over. You can normally tell when they are using you when they complain about fallouts and don't actually want to do things with you in real life, they just want to talk online. Or when  they make excuses so they don't have to do things with you. Finally, when they suddenly become friends and you are dropped out of the friendship, sweet.

It is one of the most annoying things when people do that. Just leave you and don't talk, it makes it even harder when you don't know if they will be on the other end of the chat room to reply, or whether they will see you message saying 'hi' five hours later and choose not to reply.

When someone pretends to be your friend its the most annoying, torturous think to do with friendship. Its unfair as well, people are kind and friendly and get nothing in return for their kindness.


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