The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


6. Love <3

Yeah.. I haven't got much experience on this subject. But I'm going to give it my best shot because I know enough people who have a boyfriend/experienced love/hurt.

Love is a tricky thing. You either get it easily or struggle to get it. I for one, am not the best person to get advice from because I haven't had many boyfriends and the last one was five years ago, in year three. However, that doesn't mean my advice is faulty. Yes, some of the advice will be from other people but some will be from me too.

Love can hurt you and it can mend you. I hear the phrase "love hurts" a lot and I never thought it was true. But I recently found out it was true. Love hurts. Love is painful. Love is depressing. There is nothing worse than loving someone so much it hurts and makes you want to break down crying. The worst thing is knowing that you mean nothing to them when you are sat crying about them.

Sometimes people find love impossible, they don't have the nerve to ask someone out. Yes, I am talking about myself. But some people just ask anyone out and don't care about the answer. I think one problem is the fear of rejection. Someone people may be really pretty but not 'popular' so the 'popular' less pretty person would have a better chance of a date.

I think most relationships don't last for long because people just want a boyfriend/girlfriend and they don't really care who it is unless they are popular. I noticed that one of the most popular girls went out with one of the most popular boys and they didn't last, when the girl realised  that the boy was just good looking and not clever or nice she dumped him for someone similar. That girl happened to be my enemy. I'm not being bias and saying she was in the wrong I'm just saying she probably didn't love him like she will (might) love someone when she is older. I think her problem is she has never had a broken heart or experienced real love (which I haven't either, except the broken heart bit which has happened) she has always been use to being the heart throb.

Lots of people in my year think that if you talk to a boy and talk about him being your friend you like him. That has happened a few times with one of my friends and it was awkward because I actually did like him (shh.) At first it was just teasing but then this boy actually told him and I was sat on the sofa awkwarding away because he was probably going to come online any minute and ask me if I did. The answer would of been no. That is a problem with love you can't admit you love someone and it makes you feel worse because you know they actually cared enough to find out but don't care enough to love you.

I guess I shouldn't use the word love a lot. Its a strong word; like the word hate. Its a word you can't properly use until you know someone is the one and only then you might be able to experience proper love.

You may have past relationships where you really did love the other person and they loved you and that is love. I'm not here to decide whether you love someone, that's for you to decide but love is something you experience more than once and you shouldn't have your heart set on someone you aren't going to get. I spent many months wishing I could go out with the popular boy and they were many months wasted. I was never going to be the girl he loved. I was never going to go out with him because I'm not 'popular' and I'm not 'cool'. He also wouldn't be able to keep a girl for more than three months anyway, someone would become popular going out with him and by that time half the boys/girls will be dribbling over that person. That person might be the fittest person in the year but they might not have the best personality. I know lots of people say this but its your inner beauty which matters.

Just because you might get let down asking someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend it doesn't mean that you are not important it could mean you just aren't the right person for them. I know that if I asked one of my friends out (who is a boy :)) he would say no because he would just want to be friends. Not because he doesn't like me just because he wouldn't want to go out with me. Anyway that's an example but I'm pretty sure he would say that if I did ask him out (which I wouldn't.)


Love is beautiful. Choose the right person. ~A quote from me and please comment if you think I missed something in this chapter or any other chapter.


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