The popularity contest

I guess this movella is about popularity and how people pretend to be something they are not just to cover up who they really are.


5. Fwends

I guess everyone needs friendship. Maybe.. Anyway, that's the next thing I will talk about. Last year,  I started secondary school with only a few people from my school. Most of them were boys except one person who was my friend. However, I knew I wasn't going to be in any of her classes because she was working at a lower level in lessons. When I found that out I was pretty worried about moving to secondary school. But there was light at the end of the tunnel. A friend I knew from Primary school knew someone who was going to my school. On my first day us little year sevens were crowded round the play ground and someone came up to me. It was the girl who my friend said I could be friends with because we were similar.

From that second on we were friends.

Friendship can be a hard thing. Recently I made a new friend and at first I didn't really talk to him but now I tell him things I don't even tell my other friends. The good thing about this friend is he is different from my other friends and he isn't the kind of person to tell anyone. But with my other friends (don't get me wrong they are amazing people) they might tell each other things. This new friend I made really understands things and has had similar situations to things I have been involved in or experiencing. This friend is not only someone I can talk to its someone I can annoy (I'm that kind of annoying person) and someone I can joke with. I knew my friend from secondary school but I started talking on social networking sights. Then that escalated to talking in person at school.

The point of this chapter is to say that you can make friends in lots of ways. You must not be afraid to be friendly and kind because that's how you make friends. You will not get on with everyone but now I wish I would of been more friendly because it would of stopped arguments between people.

Lots of people try and be friends with people so they can be popular. That's not the way to be. You should be friends with who ever you want. I have realised now that my friends are amazing. I am probably the one who cares less about the way I look. But I have the strongest opinion on people. That's some times how I don't get on with some people. My friends are friends with a lot of people especially my new friend who has recently fallen out with his friend who I didn't happen to like.. That will be in the next few paragraphs.

As I promised about  four words ago I will tell you about fall outs. My friend fell out with his friend T.r. (I won't put her whole name because its mean). The reason they fell out was because she had loads of friends and he was trying to be her friend but it wasn't working. She didn't understand that he wasn't happy. When the fall out broke out she put statuses on facebook about him and acted like he was in the wrong. They had lots of arguments before he finally ended it and now they are not friends. At first he offered to be just friends not best friends but she didn't listen. He told her a lot but she carried on talking to her.

This situation was not best. He tried to just be friends but she was just not accepting it. That is on reason why social networking isn't good. It made me and my friend friends but it broke their friendship even more. I think the right decision was to be just friends. Sometimes people are not what they seem and he didn't make the right choice with friends.

Friends are hard to come by. Me and my friends got lucky with each other and are happy. But you have got to be friends with people who are right for you. Not just people who you think are cool.

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