Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


2. The Mates



I wake up to the buzzing of my phone and it is a message from Chantal 'I'm gonna be out the whole day, caught up inwork. I made you some pancakes before work. See you soon xx' Now thats what i call a best friend. I go take a quick warm shower and put on a high waisted pants with a Victoria Secret shirt on. It is almost 8 am and i'm about to be late for work. I grab a pancake and head out of the door.

I just arrived on time. Thank you! Work is so boring today, until i  got a unexpected text 'Change of plans, I'mfecthing you at Starbucks in about 20 minutes.Harry x' WHAT! I'm still working. Shit now i have to make an excuse to my boss "James, I need to leave, my mom is coming to town and i need to fetch her. Can Cody stand in for me?" I put on a puppydog smile and he sigh "Sure, will see you tomorrow then" I give him a quick hug and ran to outside the shop.




I'm glad I'm not doing anything now so I can spend more time with her now. I arrive at the shop and i  see her waiting there.She looks so beautiful! Not over dressed, just perfect. I walk up to her "Hey Stranger, get in the car quickly before the fans come". She stairs at me shocked. Maybe i was a little straight forward. I go in and give her a hug "Please dear" i whisper in her ear. A smile apeears on her face "Oh great it feels like I'm getting kidnapped by a weirdo" .I just laugh and I open the door for her and we on our way. "Where you planning to take me so early? It's only 1 pm." "Well, I didnt get that far yet. But I'm thinking of taking you ten pin bowling . So i can show you some skills" i wink at her.




Is he really doubting me? "You know, your lack of convidence in me isn't so nice. But in one condition, drinks on you" i push his shoulder with my hand. I'm pretty sure he looks hotter today than yesterday. He stares at my eyes for a along while and finally say "It's a deal". We got out of the car and entered the building. Paul arranged with the manager to leave the 2 bowling parts open next to ours so no one can attack Harry or meself. "I will go first but we have to make a deal. The winner-" he cuts me off  "The winner gets a kiss on the cheek from the loser". I new he would say something like  that. And our game starts. I went up first. I grabbed the ball. To be honest, I suck in bowling. I take may first step and let go of the ball. WHAT! I hit down all the pins at once. Maybe i'm not that bad at all. He looks at me shocked "Maybe I underestimated you" He goes up and does the same. He hits over all his pins.




We both have the same points and it is her last turn to go. She lets go of the ball and it knocks over ever pin. Before she could even look at me i ran to the pins and picked on up straight. "Too bad you missed one, time to pay up" she comes closerto me and first she kisses her hand and slaps her hand lightly on my cheek. "You didnt say how i should do it' She laughs.  I looked at her suprised. Normally girlswould die to even be with me but she is way different. I think I'm getting feelings for her. I look at my watch and realise we running behind schedule. I grab her bag with one hand and grab her hand with the other. "We gonna be late to meet up with my bro's. We need to go" We got in the car and went straight to the resturaunt. I open the door for her to get out.We enter and i could hear Louis from the far corner of the place "HAZZA! We here" I smile and show her the way to the back.




He's holding may hand still? i pull loose when we got at the table and he laughs at me quickly. "He guys. Meet my new friend,  Kim. Kim this is Louis, Zayn, Naill and Liam." They all greet me politely and I say with a smile on my face "Nice to meet you guys" We sit down and just talk about everything and cracking up jokes. I laughed so many times. Louis told me about Harry's embarrissing moments and tears start to form in my eyes because of all the laughing. He interrupts our moment and say "Well Kim, why don't you tell us a bit of yourself". Waited for that question. "I'm from California. I live with my best friend Chantal here in London. I'm 18 and my birthday was on 20th of March. Oh and i work at Starbucks. I'm gonna be signed with Victoria Secret the upcoming Spring". They all give me a well done look and I ask" And you Harry?" "Well I was born on February 1st 1994 and is from Holmes Chapel, Chesire, UK. Before i became a member in One Direction i was in a band and was the lead singer call White Eskimo."




It's 8 pm and i can see Kim is yawning fot the fourth time now. I interupt the boys once again and stood up " Sorry to end the conversation but i think it is time for us to go. See you guys in a short while" We both got up and got into the car. It was silence the drive to her house. She was sleeping on my shoulder. How cute. Just as we arrived i put my hand on her small thigh and squeeze it a bit "Wake up Kimmie, We at your house". She opens her eyes slowly "But i'm comfy right here" And she puts her head deeper into my shoulder until she finds my neck.  I get out the car and went to her side.I open the door  and pick her up "Come on, You got so tired in the restuarant. Time for bed. I open her house door and take her to her room. I lay her down on the bed and she mouns "Thank you for today, it was amazing" she says pushing my hand. She is so adorable when she is sleepy. She closes her eyes. I kiss her on the cheek "You won today actually" and i left her there releasing her hand.

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