Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


5. The Ellen Show


The whole day,  El and i went shopping for clothes and shoes. My phone start buzzing and i take it out of my pocket. Its a message from Harry : Love, tonight i have a interview, do you wanna tag along? Xx. I reply him : Sure. I will go with El, I’m with her now. Xx. He replies moments later : See you there then beautiful ;) xx. I put my phone back in my pocket and we went back  to her house. I’ve been living with Eleanor for the last couple of  weeks. It is now 6h00 pm and we need to leave in like 15 minutes. SHIT, we going to be late.



I put on my flower dress that came to just above my knees and i applied a little make. I’m  not that big of a make-up fan. “El! I need help!I don’t know what to wear.” I walk to Kim “ Don’t worry, i got a pretty pencil skirt with a nice purple shirt that goes together well for you. And boots!” i ran out of the room and bring it for her. She put the clothes on and i help her with her make-up and her. She looks so pretty. “You look perfect” “Well its your amazing art work” she gives me a big hug and we head out to the car. Paul was told to take us thru to where the interview will take place. We arrived at The Ellen Show just before it almost started. We got  back stage and  i see Louis standing at Harry . I sneak up behind him covering his eyes with my hands. He brings his hands to the back putting them on my back and sliding his hands onto my bum “This is so El” i release his hands and he puts his arms around me and kisses me on the cheek. “Harry, your girl is very insecure. At first she didn’t want to come and i dragged her here” .



I can’t believe i actually came. Everybody is staring at me. Just look down Kim. Just ignore everything. I look a bit up and see in the corner of my eye a curly haired boy staring at me. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. He looks some handsome with his tight black jean, white shirt and black blazer. He walks over to me “You look amazingly beautiful Kimberley” . He kisses me softly on the cheek that makes me blush. He grabs hold of my hand and locks it into his. He and Louis took El and I to a TV lounge for visitors. “I will see you after the interview right here” he pulls me closer to him with his hands around my waist “And i will watch you on tv” and i wink at him. They left us there and the show is about to start.


 We all went and took a seat just as Ellen called us out “Hello boys,  Nice to see you guys once again!” . We all greet her and she starts asking us all questions. Some were questions we heard before and some were weird questions. She finally got to the topic of Relationships. Louis:” Well myself, Liam and Zayn are happily dating our girls still. Nothing knew with us” He stretches the word ‘us’. I knew exactly where he was going with this. I put my hand on my  face and laugh.  He wants Ellen to ask about me “So Harry, what’s been going on with your life love?” a picture of Kim and myself appears on the big board. The picture from this morning, we both covered in whip cream. “ Oh bugger” i put my hand on my face. Louis starts nudging me “ I’m  going to get you back Lou” “so tell aunt Ellen about little Harry’s new girl” the crowd starts laughing “Her name is Kimberley Hayes. I ran into her by accident in front of Starbucks.  She was and still is the most beautiful girl i ever layed eyes on” the crowd “awhhh” at what i just said “Its true” and Niall starts laughing. “And where is she at this moment? I would like to meet her one day” Zayn looks at me and i give him a DON’T-YOU-DARE look. “She’s backstage!” he protested. Kim is so insecure and i just know this is going to make it worse, but in a cute way. “Thank you Zayn for that information” look at Zayn. “Well then. Go get her Harry and bring her out here” i start laughing and finally i got up and went to fetch her. She’s sitting on the couch looking at me with her eyes wide open “Come on the love” i wink at her and she just says “No Harry, i cant” . I ran to her , i pick her up in my arms and I’m carrying her like someone would carry there wife for the first time. I hold her tight so that she can’t get out.


I scream so loud I am  pretty sure everybody heard it. We got on  stage and he finally puts me down on the couch next to Louis. He sat next to me on  the arm piece of the couch. Everybody was laughing at this stage “Harry, it almost sounded like you were doing bad things to her” OH MY WORD. I cant believe she just said that. Harry laughs and put his hand into mine. I felt safe all of a sudden. “I had to get a way to get her on stage” He smiles at me and i just look down and blush. “We can see that you a bit insecure Kim. But that’s a good thing. Now you have someone in your life that can take care of that” “I sure do” i squeeze his hand tighter.

Well that turned out exactly how  i didn’t want it to turn out. But it was amazing how he doesn’t hide his love for me.

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