Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


9. Picnic day


I woke up in my hotel room. That’s one thing i like about Harry. He appreciates me. And he cares, he always make sure that i sleep well and he is so careful with me. It is 5 am. Why am i even up so early. I’m lying on my bed just staring at the ceiling. It is white Kim, nothing will change about it in the next few minutes. Get over it. I’m such a loser. I’m talking to myself. I decide to take my phone out and check twitter. My interaction is freaking out. So many people saying stuff about me. Some nice,some just horrible

@stacedirection; “You don’t belong in this world, go die in a hole”.... @1dforme:”You are beautiful and you and Harry are just great together”.. I’ve been dealing with it for a while now. Harry and i have been dating for a month and week today. He planned for us to do something today but he won’t tell me. I hear someone pulling at my door. I quickly put my phone away and pretend to be sleeping.


I open her door and walk in. She’s still sleeping. I stand at the end of her bed , climbing on it. I creep up from her feet till my face is level with hers. I’m now lying on top of her. Still no movement from her. I look at her bedside table and see she is actually  awake. She was just on twitter. I grab her phone and tweet. @kimmieBear : “Harry Styles is the best ;) xx”. I put her phone down and i kiss her cheek slowly moving to her lips. I whisper into her lips “I know you awake my beautiful” A smile appears on her lips and she lets out a giggle. She is so beautiful. Today is the day that i spoil her since she surprised me. I’m lying on top of her just staring into her eyes. “You know, I would like to wake up like this every morning. Just you and me” She pulls my head closer to hers and she puts her soft lips onto mine. I want her so bad. “Come on Kimmie Bear. Time to get up. We have a early day ahead” I wink at her with smirk. I kiss her one more time biting her lip and a smile creeps onto her face. I got up next to her and just i was about to walk i get a smack on my ass. I glare at her “You right, you do have a sexy ass” she says winking at me “I will get you back love” and i walk out to get changed.


I got up from bed and went straight to the bath room. I strip down and enter the shower and let the warm water run on my skin. After i cleaned up i wrap the  towel around me and go to the room. I heard a knock on the door “Come in” and in walks Eleanor. “Sorry to disturb you but i heard you have a big surprise in for yourself today from Haz” I smile and blush at the same time “Don’t worry i will help you with a outfit, we going to make his knees all weak around you” and she winks at me. “Okay but we not coming home apparently after our day together to get ready for tonight’s party. So it must be good” i let out a little laugh and smile at her. She goes straight away to my bad to see what i have packed. I’m not a neat person so most of my clothes i just leave in my bag or just dump it on the floor. She removes a cream colour dress that covers the middle of my thighs. Not too short and not too long, just perfect i grab it from her and put it on. She plats my hair to one side making it look messy but also at the same time, pretty. I thank her for all her help and we both head down stairs. I see everyone sitting in the bar and just talking and laughing. I finally find Harry and he turns to look at me and his jaw drop “I am wearing clothes right?” i question him looking at my body making sure i have everything on. Everybody laughs and Harry walks over to me. He puts his hands around my waist. Oh my shit his touch is so warm and he is so gentle with me. He whispers in my ear “You look beyond beautiful” with his lips brushing over my ear. I get goose bumps all over my body. Liam noticed “Well, if you two are done then i suggest you should get in the car and get going, remember everything is on schedule Haz” I let go of him and he lets out a moan “Ok shot. Will see you guys tonight at the party” and we both walk out.



 “Harreh, can i open my eyes now” I can feel his soft hands on my waist gripping me tight. “Not yet. If i find out you peeked then there will be trouble” I can sense he is smirking. He let go of me “Just keep walking. I notice he forgot to tell me when to stop  when all of a sudden i fell over a basket thing and landed on the grass “HAROLD” i protested and he just laugh. “You can stop walking now and open your eyes” I look straight at what i fell over. It is a picnic basket with a cute blanket that we can  sit on and a bottle of champagne “This is amazing Harry” I turn around to look at him. Tears form in his eyes. Still laughing at me “You could have stopped me you peasant” I say, chasing him around the picnic set. He stops dead in his tracks turning around, causing me to run into him. My hands pressed to his chest and his muscular arms gripping around my small body.”I just got caught up looking at your bum and i forgot, oh and SUPRISE” I just smile and laugh at him hecloses the gap between us and kiss me passionately. I pull away  “You and my ass” i laugh against his lips. His phone beats and he takes it out quickly. He reads the message.  “Yeah about tonight, change of plans”

Hey everyone.. I hope you guys like what you read, please let me know what you think :D

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