Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


1. Move to London



It is a new year and I'm finally done with high school. I just moved into a flat in London with my best mate,Chantal. The only time she is at home is at 2 pm till 4 pm. She is so busy with work she cant even keep up. Its monday morning and as usual i head of every morning to Starbucks to get my favorite mango smoothie. But today is different. They have a help wanted sign on. I grab the paper quickly before someone could even think of taking this job and i offered to work there. I started immediately for the job. This one guy walks up to me and ask "Are you free tonight babe?" I just looked at him shocked.. do I look like a prostitute with my sweatpants, long sleeve top and messy bun? " I have a boyfriend" I lied to him and he strolled away.

Its 6 pm and my shift was over. I grabbed my earphones and put them in my ears. I put the volume up and listen to Tom Odell singing Another love.   I walk down the side line on  my way home. Al off a sudden i’m on the floor with scratches on my elbow. Well done to me for being so fragile. “Oops..Gotta run, got some fans chasing me”, he just looked into my eyes. His hazel green eyes. “Wait! You dropped your key!” and he was gone with some fans behind him. I’m pretty sure that was just Harry Styles from One direction. I got up from the pavement and saw that the key said a hotel name and room number . Well I have to return it. I walk down the road walking into the hotel and up a few stairs, by this time I’m singing along to ‘Pound the alarm’ and busting my own moves. Someone from behind me grabs my shoulder and says “Ey, that is my room key you got there. Where did you get it?” I looked at him for a while and finally I broke the silence "Well I'm guessing it is yours, You dropped it when you ran into me and don't worry, I apologize for your part" and i fake a smile.




I zone out completely when i looked at her for a while. She has perfect long brown hair that's in a messy bun, blue eyes and she is short but has a perfect body. I snap out of it and reply "oh yeah. I am sorry about that. I was chased by some fans. How can i make it up to you?" She looks at me with her eyes going big and a grin appears on her face. "Well,  I need a lift back to my flat" she winks at me. Just there my heart drops a little. That was so hot. "I don't get to meet someone like you a  lot that doesn't fan girl over me or  scream in my ear, that is quite nice of you". She gives me this weird look and wink again " Only one problem with that sentence,  I'm not a fan". Now that is a first. I'm so suprised of how down to earth she is. It makes my head spin.




That was such a stupid thing of me to say. I just live two buildings away from here. Oh well. Its a free ride. He smiles and say "Let's kick then". We arrive at my little flat. "This looks like such a cosy little house. Its just perfect" , i laugh at him and get out of the car. "Thanks for the rid-" "Oh wait, I forgot I didn't introduce myself, I'm Harry Styles and you are?. I forgot to ask about his name. But i actually know he is. "I'm Kimberley, Kim for short" i put out my hand for him to shake. "Well nice to meet you Kim. I need to make it up to you still for what i done, so i hope you not busy tomorrow night because I'm gonna take you out for dinner with my mates. I'll pick you up at 6" He winks at me and ask for my number. I give it to him with a WHAT-GAME-ARE-YOU-PLAYING-AT look. A bit bossy. Well i think a lot about celebs that always get what they want and this time it wont be like that. "Good thing bringing your mates, I would need some company" iI wink and enter the house.



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