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About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


8. Madrid Baby!



El and have been roaming the streets of London the whole morning just shopping having some girl moment. We walk in at Starbucks, luckily not the one i recently quit at. “I heard that you quit your job at Starbucks, you gonna spend time now at Tony Bowls?” She says ordering our usual. “Yeah i quit last week. But i don’t think i’m going to be long with Tony cause I got a message from the Limited Brands who owns Victoria Secret, they told me they want to start working with me in a month time. I’m excited” “That’s just amazing! I saw Harry’s face today. He look so broken, like leaving his prize possession behind. You two are just perfect together. Louis told me today that he doesn’t know what he will do to get Harry smiling again” , just hearing his name hurts me a bit. I do miss him , its 5 days after he left and  it is getting to me. I just look down at my hands around my drink. El put her hand on mine. “But, I have some great news. Louis and i have been talking and i need you please to skype with Lou tonight after their concert! You have to but you can’t tell Harry about it though” I look at her confused and she has a big smile on her face. I haven’t skyped with Harry yet but i have to with his friend. This is just fun. “Okay, but we better get going cause we been here for 2 hours now” and i laugh. We spent the whole day out of the house. I have to admit. It is quite nice spending time with her. I pay for both of us and we start heading back to our place. I look at my phone. Harry and i have been texting the whole time since he left.

Harry- We about to go on stage now, I miss you beautiful xx  Love you!  I reply quickly as i get into my pj’s. It’s now 11 pm and El and i have been making jokes the whole night trying to stay awake till after their concert. Finally we get a skype call From Lou. El press the ENTER button and his face appear. I can see they back in the hotel because the background looks like a photo Harry has send me. Louis smile big when he saw El’s face. “Hey beautiful and WOW Kim, You look a bit better than Harry. He’s been so down. Even on stage. He isn’t himself. He doesn’t dance around and go crazy, he just sings his part and go of stage.” Why would he do that? He can’t be missing me more than i miss him. I hate having him broken, it breaks me. “Hey Love, Well you don’t know how long it took  for me to get a little smile on Kimmie’s face” She hands me some of her popcorn and i accepted “What is your reason to talk to me tonight? Is Harry their?” I say sitting up straight with a smile. He just looks down and i knew exactly he wasn’t with him “He’s in his own room. After the concerts he just go into his room and sleep the whole time. But The rest of the boys and Paul and myself and of course El, got a great idea. You and El are going to get on a airplane tomorrow at 3 and fly to Madrid. We want you to surprise Harry well he is on stage” I look at Lou and then back at El. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! “Ofcourse i want to go!” I grab El’s face and kiss her on the cheek and she just laughs “Hey! That’s my girl their” and we all just start laughing.


Kimmie- Rock the show love. Miss u too xx Stay save love you!

After the concert i just told the boys that i’m gonna be in my room and sleep. I can hear Louis talking to someone, probably on the phone with Eleanor. I called Kim already today and i don’t  want to sound like i miss her that much, but i miss her a crap load. I decide to sms her again

Harry-I miss your beautiful lips close to mine ;) xx                                                                                                      Kim- Your warm body against mine ;) xx I got to be in with Tony tomorrow early so will talk soon. Love you xx......She makes me fall for her more. I wanna kiss her and make her feel loved. I’m glad she is leaving Tony soon because he keeps her busy like almost every day. My eyes turning red. I start to tear up a little and with that thought of her on my mind i fall to sleep.


“HAZ! Wake up it is time for rehearsals” Lou jumps on my bed. He is quite excited for tonight’s show in Madrid. It is a pretty amazing place i have to admit. I grin at him and i stand up “This early morning rehearsals are insane” He laughs at me “Tonight is going to be a good show. After rehearsals we have to find you an insanely HOT outfit for tonight. You have to look good for MADRID” He says walking out the door. I take a quick shower and get in a pair of shorts with make Jack Wills shirt. We all walk down, i just grab some food from Niall and he doesn’t even fight back. He just smiles at me “Why is everyone so weird and excited this morning?” i snap looking at Zayn to Liam. All of them just laugh and we climb in the car.                                                                                                ***           Rehearsals are 4 hours long this morning. Even Paul and Lou is acting weird today. Maybe they like the idea of us performing in Madrid. Finally rehearsals end. I thought i might fucking die. That was the longest ever! It is 3 pm now. Just 3 more hours till the show. Louis and i drove off to the hotel while the others are out having fun. He wants me to wear a hot outfit for tonight.


El and i arrive at the airport and ran to where we should get on at the plane “Shit, we going to be late Kim” I laugh at her. She looks so stressed out. We both already have our outfits on for tonight. When we land Louis had organized a car to take us to the concert. We will enter there and we going to be front row. He got us like 6 seats so the ones next to us will be open so that no one will ask us for photo’s and stuff. We give them our tickets and jump on the plane. I put my earphones in and listen to Matt Corby. The flight was 2 hours and 45 minutes long. We finally land and we walk out. There were a few people that asked us for photos and we did what they asked. They were so nice. I see Paul standing there. I thought he would be with the boys “Good day Ladies. We will be at the stage in 20 minutes. We would have been earlier if Louis wasn’t that bad at planning” He smiles and grabs our bags. We both just laugh and jump into the car. El is wearing a high waisted long jean with a brown leather jacket and white shirt underneath. I’m wearing a tight black jean with boots and a vintage shirt. I wasn’t at all over dressed. I’m not going to dress up like a doll. We arrive at the concert and Paul directs us to our seats, They already started and there i see Harry. Sitting on the stairs that goes to the drummer, they singing little things. I caught Naill’s eye and i wave at him with excitement “Well, i will be back for you to later” and Paul left us there. The crowd was insane and screaming their lungs out. Niall runs to Louis whispering something in his ear. He smiles and look in our direction. He ways and I look at El who is excited to see her man. They the cutest together. Harry is still sitting there. Just staring out in the distance. He looks so broken but so dang HOT. He’s wearing a tight black jean with a white shirt and a blazer over. He just look amazing. The song ends and the boys go stand next to each other. Harry just looks down at his feet .Louis starts speaking “You guys are a great audience! This next song goes by the name of ‘She’s not afraid’ and my amazing friend Harry here dedicates this song to His girlfriend that is sitting in the first row’ Harry looks up quickly and look at Louis and Louis gestures him to look in the direction he is pointing his finger. He turns to face me. He looks at me shocked. He walks over to me and Zayn stops him and start to laugh “Wow there mate, let sing first” . Harry nods and keeps his eyes on me. His eyes start to form a tear. He looks amazing.


Louis them set me up. I don’t care though i only got Kim on my mind now.  She looks amazing. I just want to walk to her and kiss her and tell her she looks beautiful! The song start and i just think of that day when she wore that tight black dress. “She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah. Tight dress with the top cut low
She's addicted to the feeling of letting go, oh-woah, let it go.” And the song ends and that was the last one for the night. Paul took Kim and El backstage. I say my goodbyes to the fans and i run of. I go thru the maze and pass a few people and finally i see her. I walk to her and she has the biggest smile on her. I put my arms around her and hug her real tight. It last for about 20 seconds and i pull my face out of her shoulder to face her face. Her blue eyes are beautiful and are full of tears. I Wipe her cheeks “I missed you so much! Were you also in this plan?” She smiles at me still with her hands tight around me “I missed you so much! And yes i was” She gives me a wink and i think i might have melted right there.


He looks so amazing. I just want to grab him! He winks at me  and closes the gap between us. He kisses me so passionately, his soft lips on mine. My stomach is making back flips. Its an amazing feeling. In the kiss i bite his lip and he starts kissing me harder. Then al of a sudden i realised everyone is standing there laughing. I pull back and he just comes closer to me again. I whisper in his ear “Not now babe” i whisper in his ear with my lips brushing over his ear “First you need to take a shower cause you sweaty” and everybody laughs again. “Well if you are done can we greet  Kim aswell with a hug” Harry lets go of me slowly and i hug everyone in the room “So nice to see all of you again” Liam smiles and says “Come one guys, lets head back to the hotel and we can watch a movie” Harry grabs my hand and entwined it with his.

We arrive at their hotel and we all go to Niall’s room because he got a movie for us and have food for all of us. We all grab a seat and ofcourse u take the one next to Harry. He pulls my legs over his one and i rest my legs between his. He puts a blanket over both of us and we sit there watching movie. Well the other did. He lift my chin up and kisses me slowly and softly .I kiss him hard back moving a bit in my seat. He pulls away and looks in my eyes “Playing hard now i see. I love you” he laughs and continue to kiss me. I fell asleep after 20 minutes into the movie. We were now spooning on the bed. It felt like home.

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