Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


4. Getting whipped


We all spend the night at El’s house. Last night was amazing! Just to be with Kim makes my life ten times better. Later tonight the boys and i have an interview and i need to ask her still if she wants to come with. I saw on twitter and tumblr there were pictures of yesterday when i asked her out, but no one knows yet who she really is. She looks so beautiful in the pictures

I’m lying in bed just staring at the sealing. Thoughts taking over my mind. Everybody is still sleeping. I stand up to go down to the kitchen to find Niall stuffing his face with whip cream. The most bizarre idea come into my mind. “Nailler! Do you have an extra bottle for me please?” “Yeah, why? You got that crazy look on your face again man” i look at him taking the bottle “Just make sure no one calls the cops when they hearing screaming” I walk out of the kitchen quietly to the third floor. I enter the room where Kim is fast asleep . She looks so adorable. She’s only sleeping in a big old shirt and she still looks incredible. I walk to the side of her bed. I shake the bottle and start spraying circles around her eyes, on her lips and i spray under her nose a moustache. I put the bottle on the bed side table and walk out. I couldn’t take it anymore. Just when i got to the lounge the boys were sitting there watching football and I’m laughing like and idiot. “Morning Haz. What did you do now?” Louis glare at me. “You will see when Kim comes down. Just make sure you get a photo please Nialler!” . We all sit on the couch, watching football , I’m sitting in the arm chair. We continue to chat and watch the football. I hear someone come running down the stairs but i ignore it.


It can only be Harry! So smart of him ,he left the bottle on the bedside table. I grab the bottle and run down the stairs. I can see him sitting on the arm chair. I run to him jumping onto his lap with my knees either side of his waist with my face looking straight at him. El come running down laughing “I got a photo guys, don’t worry” and she goes sit in Louis lap. Everybody is laughing at me now. “Morning beautiful” he says to me laughing putting his arms around my waist. I grin at him “morning you son of a bastard” i remove the bottle from behind me and i spray him in his face and down his shirt and i want to make a run for it but he  is holding me  tight. Everyone is just like “oohhh” and everybody is laughing like idiots. “HARRY, LET GO” . I’m laughing so bad now. I just scream cause i don’t know what else to do. He stands up with my legs around him. He holds my legs up so i wont break free. “I guess we even” I forget about everyone around us and he also forgot about them. He comes closer to my lips with his. He puts his lips on mine. Kissing me passionately , it lasted a long while. I pull loose and he says “Finally got my first kiss with you”. I smile like an idiot. “Kim and Harry. Your sexy time is over for now. Let me get a pictures of you to  cupcake faces” she laughs. Harry puts me down next to him. He puts his one arm around my neck from behind and the other one around my tummy, like a half hug. We both had the same idea of pulling a funny face and we all just laughed.

After that i went upstairs to take a shower, I am so sticky at this stage. I grab a gypsy pants and a tight white shirt. I go down stairs to find everybody on there phones. I do the same, i take my phone out my pocket and open twitter. My mentions are flooded. I go to El’s profile :”@harry_styles and @KimmieBear getting whipped. Haha The cutest <3” . I look at her laughing “seriously, i look like a tart” and i laugh at her. Now everybody knew who Harry’s girl is.

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