Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


6. Getting ready for the runway


My phone buzz for the third time now and i decide to look what is happening. I got a message from my modelling agent “Hi Kim ,dear. Sarah Kruke can’t walk on the runway tonight because she has family issues and I would like you to walk in her place. Meet me today at 13h00 at the studio xx- Tony Bowls” WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Tony finally asked me , of all people to walk on his runway at his fashion week!!! I text back quickly “Will see you then  xx-Kim” I ran out of my room screaming in the hallway “GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT” . El comes running out the room looking stressed. Behind her Louis, Harry who looks more freaked out than ever, Liam, Zayn, Naill and Dan they all asking “What happened!?” “Tony Bowls just ask me to walk on his runway tonight!” I protested. El gives me a big hug with a kiss on my forehead “Well done babe” Everybody congratulates me with a big hug. Last everybody leave and went back to what they were doing, Harry walks over to me, slowly. He stares at me with his hazel eyes smiling big. “I am really happy for you , beautiful” The last few steps he take he runs to me picking me up and spinning me around. He makes every moment so special. He still holding, bringing his face closer to mine. He stares at my eyes then my lips “Stop staring and just kiss me Harold” , He closes his eyes and plant his lips on mine. He makes it so passionate, his soft lips gives me goose bumps. I pull him away and he refuses to let go. He kisses me again and he starts smiling in the kiss. I find myself smiling back. He pulls away “Let’s go to the shops, i need to buy some new shirts” , I nod and he puts me down kissing my forehead. “I love you. We shall go in about 15 minutes” .I playfully grab his shirt and pull him closer to me. I whisper in his ear “I love you too, babe” I push him with my hands on his chest away from me and run to my room, running before he catches me.”I will get you back” he laughs and go to his room.



I put on my jean and my HIPSTA PLEASE shirt. I walk to the door and wait for  Kim. I think to myself, running into her was the best thing i ever did. I smile like a idiot at myself, I hear someone walking down the stares and she looks more beautiful than ever. She’s wearing a really tight jean, i can see every part that has a curve and she is wearing a “AIN’T NO WIFEY” shirt. “ You look beautiful” I wink at her and she looks down and blushes. I take her by the hand and we walked to the mall because it’s only a 5 minute walk from El’s house. We arrive at the mall with only a few fans following us. When we got in the mall it was now packed with fans. “Go ahead, take some pictures with them, I’ll meet you in that bra store over there” I look at and give her a ARE-YOU-SURE look. I pull her closer to me with my hands on her waist. “Yes, I’ll  be fine” I give her a quick peck on the lips and she went off. I turned to some fans and answered some questions they asked and i just talk about nonsense. The one girl asks me “Are you glad that you have Kimberley in your life” “More than ever, she’s just amazing” I say smiling. Everybody went “aaawwwhhh” i laugh at them and take some pictures. Some time went by and i decided to go to the bra store. She said she will be inside. Now I’m just surrounded by girls and bra’s. How wonderful. I see Kim standing there with some in her hand i walk over to her and i swing her around hugging her, i whisper in her ear “You know, the new fashion now is wearing no bra” and i wink at her. She laughs at me “Well i think you would look sexy in a red bra” , She says smiling with half her tongue out. “Let’s see how good i look in a bra, but i’m a double D so lets go to that section “ i point at the big sizes. I grab a pair  and put them on, she clips it together for me and i also hand her one and clip it for her. She laughs at me with some tears in her eyes “Don’t i just look sexy” i wink at her “Feel my boobs” i grab her hands and put it on my chest. “You need an extra bra for your other nipples” she winks at me. Can she just stop winking at me! She makes my legs jiggle. “They still young, they don’t need yet”. Some fans laugh at us and took pictures of us. I pull her closer to me and we strike  a pose for some paparazzi’s .


We arrive 13h00 at the studio after a amazing morning. We enter the studio with Tony giving me a hug and shakes Harry’s hand “Afternoon Kimberley and Harry. Nice to meet you for the first time Harry. Well, we got little time so we need to get started. Harry, if you don’t mind can you go sit where the audience will be sitting” , he nods and let go of my hand and went to take a seat. Tony takes me back stage and i greet everyone, We all know each other for a while now which doesn’t make it awkward. I get undressed and Tony hands me a dress “You gonna wear this one for now, it is the same size as tonight’s but you not allowed to see it yet” he went out of the room for  us girls to change, i put the dress on and it is super short. Its a little black dress that just covers my bum. I hope my dress tonight won’t be any shorter. Everybody started walking out and it is finally my turn to walk. I never walked on a runway before so i hope i do  it right. The music plays loud in my  ears and all of a sudden i have no worries. I walk to the end of the runway with a I KNOW YOU WANT ME look on my face. Everybody comes back on stage and we wait for  Tony for a reply “You all were amazing! Kim for a first timer, you did amazing”. “Thank you” i blush and smile at the same time.  “ You guys can be dismissed now. Be here tonight at 6h00 done with make-up and hair. I walk over to Harry , who’s jaw just went wide open staring at me. He stands up and looks me up and down. “How lucky am i? That short dress just does it for me, now i can finally see that sexy ass of yours” he says coming closer to me grabbing my ass. “Harry, there’s people. Calm yourself” i wink at him. He brings his hands up to my waist, i put my hands around his neck “You would look good in this dress” i whisper in his ear. “Shut up. You just want to see my ass” he winks at me turning my chin to his face. He pulls me closer and he kisses me on the cheek.

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