Life with you is worth living

About a girl who met the right guy at a bad moment.. Harry Styles fan fiction


7. Early flight


“Harry we need to go now!” I run down the stairs at El’s house with my shoes in one hand and a bag with make-up in. Harry opens the car door for me and I get in the car. “When last did you hear from Chantal?” he said starting the car and start driving. “She moved back to California , she got a great job offer there and they pay her good. She sold our flat 2 weeks ago, so basically I’m homeless” I laugh at him. I put my hand on his leg and keep it there. He looks at me with a grin on his face. “You know Eleanor said you can stay with her, because we leaving tomorrow so she would like some company and I don’t want you to stay alone” he puts his hand on my hand that is on his leg and squeeze it real tight. He looks at me and his eyes get all glossy.


I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m going back on tour for a month. A month without seeing her is just horrible. My eyes turn glossy and she notice it. “We here, I will see you when you on stage” I go closer to het and kiss her lips real hard, letting her know that I can’t let go of her ever. She gets out of the car and run backstage to get ready. I go take my seat after I signed a few autographs and took some photo’s. The fans are great! I go take my seat and Tony walks out and start talking, everybody claps and the models start to walk. I sit up in my seat just got one person on my mind. I take my phone out getting ready to take a photo of her! My jaw drop. She walks out, she looks fucking beautiful! Her hair is curled, she’s wearing a medium length dress coming just above her knees, Her legs look perfect! I snap a few pictures of her and post one on twitter ‘ @harry_styles: Miss Kim Hayes. Looking stunning on the runway! Xx’ I wait for her at the car because I wasn’t allowed to go back stage. She comes out and I run to her and pick her up swinging her around. “How did I look?” “Like you always do! You looked amazing and you still do” I kiss her on the forehead and grab het things and throw it in the car. We drove back home. She can’t stop smiling. “Kim” she turns in her seat and stare at me ”You got the most beautiful eyes Harry “ A smile appears on my face “I just want to say, I really do Love you and you should never forget that” “I love you to my sexy ass” . She kisses me quickly on the cheek just as we stop at the house. I grab her hand and we walk in “We back guys” They all come running down looking ready to go somewhere. “Where you guys going?” Kim says releasing my hand. El comes walking down “We going to the club, you guys wanna come?” I look at Kimberley and she just looks down. I knew exactly what she was thinking. “We gonna stay here, spend some time together” El walks to me after hugging Kim goodbye an she says “Well be safe” and she hugs me and they all or of to go. I’m a bit disappointed that I have to sleeve tomorrow morning early for the airport. It hurts inside. It is not that easy to let go of your loved one.

We both go lie on the couch cuddling, I rent a movie and we lie there for a while in silent. “Haz, I don’t think I’m addicted to the feeling of letting go” I see a tear form in her eye and I don’t  know what to say because I feel the same “It’s not a easy thing to deal with but we will have to make it work. We will try and talk everyday and…” I can’t get my words out because I look at her eyes and see her eyes start to tear a bit more. It breaks me to see her like this. “I love you so much and no one can’t take that away from us” she wipes her eyes and lift her chin to look up at me ”You know I will always love you”, that was the last I could remember because we both fell asleep in each other’s arms holding tight, not wanting to let go.


I wake the morning at 4 am. I finish packing Harry’s bags and go take a shower. I slip on a black jean with a nice warm jersey. It is quite cold today outside. I walk to Harry, seeing him still sleeping. He looks so cute and it will probably be the last time I see him till next month! “Mr. Styles, it is almost time to go” I go lie on top of him with my face inches from him “Damn, I want to wake up with you here on top of me every morning “ he grins and pulls me closer to him. Closing the gap between us. He kisses me softly at first he turns me around so  he is on top of me now. He kisses me harder and I smile in the kiss. He kisses me for the last time softly and stood up to go take a shower. He finishes after about 10 minutes. I try to be kind and take his bags down to the car. I take his bag which is fully packed! “Fuck” I mumble almost falling down the stairs. He walk to me and take the bag, picking it up effortlessly. He laughs “Show of” I stick my tongue out at him. Everybody was sitting there waiting for us. “Morning sleepy heads” , Liam says standing up. “Morning” I say and we all take the bags out to the car. The drive to the airport was only 30 minutes. All the boys were making jokes and Louis just holds tight onto Eleanor. Niall is making a noise, He repeats what the radio man says in a accent. We all just laugh! We arrive at the airport and I look at Harry, I caught him staring at me. I did a half smile, trying not to tear. He noticed I was a bit down and I can say they same about him. The fans swarm the place,  Harry takes my hand into his and we walk through everyone, all the boys are signing autographs but Harry was to sad to sign any. We got to the other side and it is time to say goodbye “Promise that you will call?” I ask him. He pulls me closer putting his arms around my waist. His body is so warm against mine. It feels amazing. “I promise”. He kissed me softly on my lips. Like it is hurting him. He kisses me making me feel safe. I hug everyone goodbye “You know Haz won’t be the same now without you” He kisses me on the forehead and I look at Harry for the last time. He looks up from the ground and stare at me. His eyes turn red and a tear falls down his face. He wipes it away quickly. It hurts seeing him sad. I swallow what felt like tears coming. My eyes also red. He crosses his fingers and he walks off. He showed me that FINGERS CROSSED once. It meant ‘forever’ in deaf language.

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