Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


8. Winter's storm

It had been years since Victoriana died and Sinchi still grieved, it had been in the papers. It was causing an uproar among people, a girl was shot just because of who she was. There was outrage and tears, some poor bugger attacked the policeman and died in the fight with him. It was just so bloody unfair, two hundred and eighteen. Hardly anything by Sinchi's age but it was still young, so young.


Sinchi had moved to Long Island Sound, he never went out of the house. He was starving himself and his deppression was finally getting the better of him, a turn for the worst. It was snowing outside, he still never budged. Never moved from his seat in the kitchen.


Suddenly there seemed to be a storm in the middle of the forest and he watched, it passed as quickly as it went and he had to catch his breath.


For there, in the middle of the forest. Stood, something impossible. Something so impossible it was real.


He ran outside, not carinbg about anything except what he saw. He stopped, he was amlost ten meters away and what he saw left him breathless. The new fallen snow had no beauty compared to what he saw.


What he saw, was the incarnation of Victoriana.


"Hello Sinchi.".......

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