Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


5. Who are you?

The girl watched Sinchi as he came back into the lab, he looked at her and pormptly sat infront of her. Her eyes watched him still, their gaze penetrating each other. He looked at her lips and they sat like that for hours, in the unbroken silence.


"Hello again."


The doctor looked up, his gaze meeting the girl's and he felt that burning desire inside him. He knew it was her, it was this girl who made him daydream about sex, about touching her body. She returned his gaze, unrelenting and cool.


"What is your name?" Sinchi enquired.

The girl cleared her throat."Victoriana."


The doctor kept stareing at Victoriana. His fangs a little extended as he listened to her pulse, steady and rythmic. Victoriana listened to Sinchi's pulse, his felt like music, dulled by the skin and veins. She so wanted to feel his blood on her tounge, to feel his skin beneath her fingers and feel him inside her. She craved blood but she also craved for Sinchi.


"I can hear your pulse."


The girl looked at him, her eyes wide in shock. He was a vampire but she felt different, she knew that the symptom of being a vampire was cravings for blood but she knew, just some how knew, that she was not a vampire.


"I can hear yours." was all she said.


Sinchi stared at her, he had never heard of a human hearing another person's pulse before. He was trembling from excitement, he worked alone. By himself and now he held what might be the key to being a vampire with humanity right here. In his lab.


He unlocked the shackles and he caught Victoriana as she fell. Her legs weren't working properly yet and he wanted to get her to an acctual bed for at least one night. So he held her up as if she was drunk, it was common for vampires to carry drunks to their homes so Victoriana laughed as if she was drunk. At least she wasn't stupid.


Sinchi laid her on the bed once he had locked his door for the night, he turned around so she could get changed in privacy. Victoriana coughed and he turned, she was wearing a t-shirt that was way to large around the chest but it had to do until he could get her some propper clothes in the morning.


She turned round as he got changed, Victoriana felt herself blush as she thought of what lay underneath the clothes, of what he might look like underneath his shirt...


Suddenly the bed bent under the new weight and she turned round, Sinchi layed there, his eyes glittering in the dim light. Victoriana slipped under the covers and fell into a sound sleep....

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