Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


3. What you are....

The girl opened her eyes, the bright lights of the lab filling her vision.


Whoa,she thought, I couldn't see earlier.


A doctor walked in, his white lab coat flowing behind him, his clipboard held fast in his hands and his short shock of black hair had an attractive curl to it. The girl couldn't help but stare, she could make out a couple of words on the sheet of paper.


"Vampire Research Lab."

What the fuck is that? The girl pondered.


"Subject is mute, maybe a rouge vampire?"

Maybe? Mute? Vampire?, she thought, I'm bloody confused already!


The doctor turned his back on her and strated to fiddle with his laptop, the girl watched with interest. He seemed to be looking at her reflection more than anything else that popped up on the screen. She stared back at him, her eyes burning through him like hot iron. His pulse quickend, he smelt different from the other man. Her first victim, she recalled with a sad smile.


The doctor tried to work but a million questions were running rampage through his mind. He wondered how she had survived all this time alone if she was rouge, if she was mute then why was she seemingly trying to read what was on his clipboard? What if she was just some genetically altered human rather than a vampire as it was first suspected?


She was stareing at him, he could see every detail in his computer screen. Her long white blonde mane of hair that fell either side of her shoulders, her pale skin that had no flaws and those eyes. Those eyes that were staring at him right now, those eyes shone as grey as storm clouds...


He smiled to himself, he was fantisising about her already. He wanted to feel her skin so badly, so badly did he want to taste her sweet blood as it pulsed around her body, how he wanted to kiss her and then fuck her until she fainted.


He licked his teeth, now fully extended fangs. The pleasure pain building up was almost unbearable but he knew what the cause was, he knew that this girl was the cause and he could feel her eyes on his body, on his head. He wanted her to so badly see what lay beneath the clothes and the lab coat. His desire built up, almost too painfull to resist the temptation.




He spun round, his fantasy ruined by the voice. There was nobody else in the lab, only him and the girl.


"I said... Hello...."


He pinned the voice on female and he slowly turned around to face the girl, her hospitle scrubs fresh and crisp but her eyes were still trained on him, on his very body. He could feel himslef shiver into fantasy again but was quickly brought back but the girl, her mouth opened.


"Hello...." she said........

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