Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


2. The lab

 The girl opened her eyes and found the world dark, she was confused. When she went to sleep she had  been able to see.


 Maybe it's still dark,she thought, maybe it's night and I just woke up from a dream.


She listened, her heart thumping dullly against her chest, she could hear the clock ticking. It chimed ten.


That's not right,she thought, it's almost miday and it's dark.


The girl suddenly felt something grab her arm and she screamed, her lungs forceing out all the air in her to be heard be somebody. A hand was roughly placed over her mouth.


She felt she was being carried down corridors, when she heard her captor talking to another man, she bit into his hand. She tore at the flesh and tasted the sweet metalicness of blood, her teeth seemed to slice through the hard and rough hand like it was butter.


The man screamed and the girl filled with wild excitement, her heart beat faster as she bit in harder, her tounge licking the wound in pleasure. She felt the thrill of the hunt and the beating of the prey's heart filled her very being with it's sweet, gory music.


Suddenly, she was torn away from her prey, she still couldn't see but she felt more powerfull, like all the blood had filled her with energy. She felt a needle going into her arm and she could hear the solution flowing through her viens at high speed.......



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