Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


7. Revealed

Sinchi looked at Victoriana, they were both breathless and in that moment Victoriana, rembered. She rembered what she was, were she came from, how old she was and why she was in that lab. She felt her spine grow longer and her head crack open. Sinchi looked at her spine, wide eyed in shock. She had suddenly grown a fluffy tail that glowed pure white in the dim lighting and big ears to match. He flet the ears with his fingers, they felt like cool velvet.


"What are you?" he asked, his voice filled with absolute wonder.

"I am a kitsune, a were-fox," she replied, "I am two hundred and eighteen years old and I come from Long Island Sound, Manhatten."


"Why did they find you in a dark alley?"

Victoriana's ears flattened and her eyes seemed to dull.

"I was hiding, I was hiding from the government and I still am."


She sighed.

"I'm hiding because the gorvernment issued a warrent to kill all kitsunes, haveing vampires was enough but kitsunes wanted their chance to be out of the shadows. All of them were killed except me. They know I'm alive, they will not stop tearing up people's lives until they have me."


Sinchi held Victoriana in his arms, he had brought clothes for her and he told her to get dressed. She did as she was told and Sinchi packed his suit case. He put the house on the market and they left. Victoriana crept along in the shadows when government officals went past but she most of the time she walked by Sinchi.


Suddenly a whistle was blown and a police officer chased after them.




They ran, run at full speed. Victoriana's tail and ears became exposed and they legged it to the train station, they had almost managed to get onto the train when the doors closed and the train sped off. Victoriana and Sinchi turned around, the policeman's gun pointed at them both, Victoriana changed into a fox, pure white and regal. She tried to jump over the policeman but it was like Sinchi was watching in slow motion. He heard the gun shot and then saw Victoriana, proud and pure. Her face twisted into shock and agony and her fur turn from white to crimson.


everythinbg seemed to catch up on itself now and Victoriana suddenly changed mid-air. The wound was through her temple, Sinchi rushed over and cradled her in his arms.Tears welled up in his eyes.


"Don't die on me Victoriana, please don't die."


She smiled sadley. Her eyes welled up with tears from the pain. A crowd had gathered to watch the scene unfold and some were silently crying already.


"Love is ours and we are free to do as we please." Victoriana whispered in Sinchi's ear before she fell from his arms.


She was sprawled on the floor, her white hair surrounding her and she looked peacefull. As if she was sleeping rather than dead. Dead because of hatred and unfairness, dead because of what she was. Dead, to one and all....

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