Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


6. Love is ours

Victoriana woke up, she checked the alarm clock. She had only been asleep for five minutes! She crashed back into her position and sighed. Sinchi was turned away from her but he wasn't asleep, she knew that for a fact.


She had slept in his house for well over a week now and she never tired of her fantasys about Sinchi. Suddenly he turned over and his eyes focused on Victoriana.


"Can't sleep?"


She nodded, Sinchi sighed and layed on his back. His desire to fuck her was stronger than ever but he still had to try and control his desire. Victoriana was almost full of her desire for Sinchi, she longed to feel his lips, to know every part of him and every bump that exsisted on him, every flaw in his skin. She wanted it all.


She only remebered her name, she didn't remember her age or what she was, she just felt her desire. She suddenly turned on her side.


"Sinchi." she whispered.


He turned to answer her and she crashed her lips onto his.....



Sorry about the short chapter. (:

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