Born to die

What if you can't see your attacker? If your attacker only excisted in stories?
Run, run before they catch you.....


4. Is not what I am

The doctor stared at the girl, her eyes still peircing through him. He shivered in delight, this was a break through. She wasn't mute, he wandered how large her vocabulary was, how many words she could say or if she could speak only a few words of English and mainly spoke another unknown language or even if she was multi linguist.ater


"Hello," the doctor replied, "my name is Doctor Sinchi Mortic."


The girl stared at him, at his face. God she loved the way he looked, his black hair, his pale, moist lips and his eyes, the eyes that looked like they could be the night sky, the eyes that if you looked into them too deeply, you would fall into them forever.


She shivered, she wanted him so badly but she needed something more at the moment.


"Doctor Mortic, may I have a glass of water?" She asked, trying to be polite as she could. She hoped she had said everything right, it seemed to be a long while since she last spoke to anybody.


Sinchi was shocked, her politness was not something he expected. He thought she would know only basic commands and that she would have no manners. Another breakthrough in the space of, at the most, two seconds.


"O-of course you may." he stammered before turning away to get a glass out and put some water in it, after making sure that the water was clean to drink he stood infront of the girl.


"Here." he said.


The girl looked at the glass, then tried to grab the glass in her hands but she was chained to the wall so despite all her body weight pushing towards the glass of water, she never budged. She sighed in frustration.


"Since I expect you can not release me from these shackles, could you at least put the glass to my lips so I may drink?"


Her voice was full of seductiveness, Sinchi could feel it. She may not have known it but his fangs extended a little at the tought of touching her, of feeling her lips under his fingers, of pressing his body against hers.


He picked up the glass and put it to her lips, the water was cool and refreshing to her dry, cracked lips. She stared to swallow, the water sliding down her throat like liquid gold. Pure and heavenly.


Sinchi tipped the glass further forward and he was carfull not to touch her lips, or any part of her, she gulped the water down greedily and soon was trying to lick the last drops of water out of the glass. Sinchi watched her, he went back into his fantasy as he did so. He imagened touching her soft lips, her tounge begging to be let into his mouth and then he would rub her legs with is hands, then touching her vagina he would start to....


His daydream was broken by the girl, the very cause of his distraction in the first place.


"Thank you."

"You're welcome." he replied.

"Anyone would think your scared to touch me doctor." she smiled sadly.

He looked at her, at her chest, her legs, her hips, her lips. He wanted to touch them so badly, he wanted his daydreams to become true, he wanted a girl to fuck.



He left the lab soon after and his found himslef a drunk girl who was mad at her boyfriend after not wanting sex.


Sinchi lay there, he sent the girl home hours ago and he still felt empty. He wasn't turned on by the drunk girl, even though she was very beautiful and sexy. He still wanted more, he couldn't figure out what he wanted though. He had blood, had sex with beautiful women as he pleased, yet he still felt empty.


It suddenly dawned on him. He didn't just want women, he wanted a certain girl. And that certain girl was in the lab, waiting for him to come to work the next day.....



Sorry about the chapter being abit here, there and everywhere. Just wanted to add more to it, hope you're enjoying it so far.(:

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