You are my Love Song

Kristina and Jake has been best friend since they were small. Jake wrote a love song for Kristina before he left without telling her. when Jake left town Kristina was sad. He didn't tell Kristina where he was going but 10 years later he came back to town. They didn't left any contact with each other so they didn't know how each other looks like now but they keep their memories, when they was young. what will happen when Jake got put in the same class as Kristina? Will Kristina recgonise him?


3. Visiting my old House

Jake pov:

The teacher was choosing a seat for me. When he spotted a spare seat next to the girl, I get to sit next to her. I gladly smile and went to my seat. I sat down and started introducing myself to her. She shook my hand and introduces herself. I learned that her name is Kristina. I can’t believe she has the same name as my lover. I didn’t believe it. After the 4th period we went to the canteen. I sat on the same table as Kristina and her friends. All her friends have boyfriends but she doesn’t. I was surprised so I ask her. She said she is waiting for the right guy to become her boyfriend. Some part of me glad that she doesn’t have a boyfriend for some reason.

 I had gotten closer to her throughout the rest of the day. I also meet new friends; Mato, Eric, Jason, Ivy (Mato girlfriend), Katrina (Eric girlfriend), Amaya (Jason girlfriend).  They were all really friendly to me. As the last bell rang, I walked home with Kristina. She shows me many places in town. But then she stops at one house. It was my old house. She said a special friend of her once live here but then he left without saying anything to her. She smile but I know that smile was fake. I can see it in her eyes that she really misses that person just like I miss my love (Kristina).  After visiting that house, her mum called and said she must leave so she went home alone leave me staring at my old house. There were so many memories I kept with my love here. I remember her riding on my back when she was sick. I remember the times I wrote the song that is dedicated to her. The only thing that I left for her was that piece of music. How I just wish I can find her.


2 months later........


Kristina pov:

It been 2 months since Jake had move here. I'm getting closer and closer to him everyday. Now we are practically best friends.Today when I went to school, my music teacher came to me and ask me if I could perform a musical piece of music in the at the school homecoming. I was suprised at first but accepted the request happily. In my mind I knew what song I was going to do and I want to suprised everyone with my singing talent with that song. The whole months past quickly. After practising and practising singing the song over and over again. By now I was pretty confident in my music.


Jake pov:

I can't believe that 3 months had past so quickly. Tomorrow night is the homecoming ball and I still haven't got a date. I was going to ask Kristina to go but I'm a little shy to ask her. The boys kept teasing me about being shy but I just can't help it when I see her I felt happy amd there was no one else but us. I felt like that 10 years ago when I was with my love but never again until now. Since all the boys have dates I got enough courage to ask Kristina to the ball. She accepted and I think my tummy have butterflies. It was a great feeling I can't wait to pick her up tomorow.












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