You are my Love Song

Kristina and Jake has been best friend since they were small. Jake wrote a love song for Kristina before he left without telling her. when Jake left town Kristina was sad. He didn't tell Kristina where he was going but 10 years later he came back to town. They didn't left any contact with each other so they didn't know how each other looks like now but they keep their memories, when they was young. what will happen when Jake got put in the same class as Kristina? Will Kristina recgonise him?


2. The new boy in class


Jake pov:

It been 10 years since I left this town. I miss Kristina so much, I don't know if she would hate after she know that her best friend left her wthout telling her anything. What kind of best friend am I? I am returning here to study and get a good grade. I have to do my best. The girl earlier look pretty and she looks like Kristina but I know it can never be her. Kristina would never looks like that now right. Or maybe I'm wrong. I haven't date anyone or fell in love with anyone after leaving this place. The only person I love is Kristina and no one else. I hope she still keep that music sheet I gave her 10 years ago.  All the lyrics in that song is how  felt about her that why i wrote it. I was now outside the office I am so nervous but I know I have to do this. I knock on the door and got a permission to come in. After talking to the principle she show me to my class. I introduce myself to them and started to meet new friends. Just then I saw the girl that show me to the office. I wave and smile at her and she smile back. This is going to be a good year I thought to myself.A really good year.

Kristina pov:

When the principle came into our class the new student introduce himself. I can't believe the guy that I just show direction to the office can be the new student in our class. he also got the same name as Jake but I knew that can never be him. Jake can never come back. and he never will come back. When he saw me he wave and smile at me which cause me to blush and smile back. The girls saw that and started whispering to each other about me and the new boy Jake.

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