You are my Love Song

Kristina and Jake has been best friend since they were small. Jake wrote a love song for Kristina before he left without telling her. when Jake left town Kristina was sad. He didn't tell Kristina where he was going but 10 years later he came back to town. They didn't left any contact with each other so they didn't know how each other looks like now but they keep their memories, when they was young. what will happen when Jake got put in the same class as Kristina? Will Kristina recgonise him?


1. Meeting Him Again


Kristina's Pov:

10 years After Jake left, everything was so different now. I am studying in grade 10 now. I am very good at school but i'm not a nerd. I still remember 10 years ago when Jake was still here, we used to play in field everyday.  I still remember that day when Jake wrote a song for me and giving it to me. I can't believe he left the day after without telling me. A tears escape my eyes, how could my best friend left me without telling me. Quickly I wipe the tear away and get ready to go to shool. I Can't wait to see Ivy, Katrina and Amaya to tell them about my summer. Since Jake left I got new friends. They all got boyfriends except me. Well I am not FA (forever alone) but I don't think anyone fit me other than Jake but I can't just wait for him to come back since he left me. After breakfast I drove to school on my car. Today since it is the start of grade10, I wore my fave t-shirt and shorts. I curl the tail of my hair to make it wavy and I put some make up on. Not to much just a little.

When I arrived to school, the girls came over and each give me a big hug. I felt happy seeing them cause now they are a part of my life. As I walk to my locker I bumped into a guy. He has brown hair and it was up which he use jel to put his hair up. He was wearing a black jeans, a blue jacket with a white t-shirt. he look quite handsome. I never seen him before. Is he one of the new student? When he saw me fall he grab my hand and pull me up. He then apologise for not looking and ask me for direction to the office. After showing him, he thanked me then left. I don't know why but I start smiling to myself after seeing him. The first real smile after 10 years. Maybe today is going to be a good day. :)

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