You are my Love Song

Kristina and Jake has been best friend since they were small. Jake wrote a love song for Kristina before he left without telling her. when Jake left town Kristina was sad. He didn't tell Kristina where he was going but 10 years later he came back to town. They didn't left any contact with each other so they didn't know how each other looks like now but they keep their memories, when they was young. what will happen when Jake got put in the same class as Kristina? Will Kristina recgonise him?


4. homecoming part1

Jake pov:

 I was waiting in the living room in Kristina house. I don't know why when ever I see her, I can't stop smiling. Even on the worst day of my life she always make me smile. Just then I heard foot step coming down. I slowly turn my head, and saw the most beautiful girl in the world, Kristina.


Kristina pov:

I was so happy when jake ask me to be his date to homecoming. I hope he recgonise me when I wear this dress. It was my mum homecoming dress, which was beautiful, it was white with a little patterns at the end and i love it. I came down stair and just there I saw Jake. He look so handsome wearing a taxedo. Our eyes locked into each other for a few seconds before I have to change my direction towards the floor for blushing too much. When I reach to the last step Jake took my hand and lead me outside. While we were inside the car he told me I was beautiful which make me blush again. When we arrive I met our friends. They all look so beautiful with there dresses. Their dates were very good looking also. :)


Jake pov:

I really like Kristina and i'm only 70% sure she is my first love when i was small. I don't know if it her, I need to ask her after the last dance tonight. If it her i need her to know who I am but if it not her i guess i need to keep looking. Just when I was about to ask her the principle had to ask her to go with him. But where is she going? wait why is she going on stage? Is she going to sing? I don't know how much questions is going in my head right now. she then gave a small speech ' Tonight I want to give you guys a song a special person in my life gave me when i was young, I hope you guys like it just like I do! :)' I ask myself who is this special person of her? Who is she talking about? Then she started singing. I was shocked by the melody of the song, it was my song. I created this song for her.

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