You are my Love Song

Kristina and Jake has been best friend since they were small. Jake wrote a love song for Kristina before he left without telling her. when Jake left town Kristina was sad. He didn't tell Kristina where he was going but 10 years later he came back to town. They didn't left any contact with each other so they didn't know how each other looks like now but they keep their memories, when they was young. what will happen when Jake got put in the same class as Kristina? Will Kristina recgonise him?


5. homecoming part 2

Jake pov:

I was speechless, my song. Kristina is my long lost lover. All this time I wasn't sure if she was the one I was looking for, but now I knew that I have found her. Her voice was beautiful, angelic just perfect. I listen to every single word she sang with all her heart. And as soon as she finish, the whole crowd was clapping energeticly. All of a sudden, she came out of no where and gave me a big hug. She then ask me if I like it and other questions but I wasn't listening. I stopped her from talking with a big kiss. At first Kristina was shocked but she kiss me back. We didn't stop for a while since none of us want to stop. But finally we did stop to get some air. I was smiling happilly at her and told her how much that song meant to me. 


-You were amazing!!! I love your performance so much. Kristina I want to tell you something but I want us to go somewhere else that wasn't so crowded.-Jake


And with that I grab her hand and went out into the hall where no one was here and we would be alone. I stare into her eyes and told her honestly about my feelings and about our childhood.


-Kristina, I love you. I honestly do. I know it had been 10 years since I left withought telling you. And I'm terribly sorry. I had never love anyone else but you. The only reason why I came back was to find you and be with you. The last 10 years was terrible to me. I didn't go on a day withought thinking about you. When I came here and you were the one who help me and we became friends again, I thought it was destiny that we were meant to be. I know you would never forgive for leaving you but I promise I will never do that again. I will stay with you till my last day on earth. I love Kristina Quach and no one ever can replace you.-Jake


Kristina pov:

I didn't know what to reply, I didn't know what to do. It all come running back. All the memories of us when we were young. Our smile on camera when our parents took it for us. Our night sleeping in each other house even if we were boy and girl. Our night staying up talking to each other. Even at a young age we were in love. To me, Love can happen to anyone at anytime. I stare into his eyes and I knew what he told me was the truth but I can't just forgive him that easy. Another memory flooded back to me but it wasn't a pleasant one at all. The memory of me crying myself to bed, the memory of me cutting myself, memory of me blaming at him for leaving and throwing stuff around the room. All these memories made me to rethink. Of course I love him too. And the way we just share our first kiss just now was just P-E-R-F-E-C-T! But I can't be so sure he would stay with me forever as he said. What if he is lieing? What if he will leave again after i forgave him? I wanted to lie to say I will never forgive him and run away. But I choked between the words and I can't say a thing. I could see his sad face and I just gave in. I kiss him again but this time it was a short one. I knew I was giving a high risk but I can't help it. Finally, I choked out "I forgive you".

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